Sometimes I wonder if there is a misconception that the legal profession is based on lying, so in other words do people get a sense that lawyers are supposed to lie? You may have seen the film, “Liar Liar.” Jim Carrey plays an attorney and he also happens to lie… a lot. In the film, his son makes a birthday wish that for one day, Carrey would only tell the truth. Well the birthday wish comes true and Carrey struggles with his conscience—he was finally behaving ethically.

Now we all know movies are for entertainment purposes and are not meant to depict reality. Whether you plan to enter the legal profession or not, ethics are important. As you take your courses, do not take shortcuts. Liken your time here to practicing. Before the real lights, camera, and action begin, go through all of your lines and make sure they are original, master your position, your pitch, your argument, and so on. You always want to be true to self, true to your professors, and true to the profession. Cast aside the myth—lawyers are neither liars nor unethical. Check out the ABA journal or better yet, ask your Legal Studies faculty…

Mrs. Johnson

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