With a passion for teaching, Alexandra Gregory, M.Ed., has always had the drive to work in education. Having served as a teacher for 12 years, she understands the hardships students face, including financial instability and lack of resources.

Alexandra Gregory

“I’ve always worked in Title I schools with students who come from underserved communities or populations. I want to see students become successful and break the cycles that their families or neighborhoods might be stuck in because they have access to the needed resources and adults who are in their corner fighting for them” says Gregory, who earned her Masters of Education from Saint Leo University in Educational Leadership.

Gregory is one of the Technical Assistance Program Managers at the UCF Center for Community Schools in the College of Community Innovation and Education.

As one of the Technical Assistance Program Managers, Alex trains and plans while also providing logistical support to the Community Partnership Schools, through presentations, strategic discussion facilitation, in-person online consultation and coaching, and resource production.

“I provide Technical Assistance to the Community Partnership Schools. I primarily work with the Cohort 1 sites (sites established before 2019), but also support anything that is school improvement, or teaching and learning related, as that is my background. I also plan, create, and facilitate a lot of the webinars and trainings we do for the field,” Gregory says.

Before joining the Center, Gregory started her teaching career as a first-grade teacher at an elementary school in Orange County. Later, she taught sixth grade as an ELA teacher in Polk County and then continued to teach sixth grade in Duval County as an Advanced Reading and ELA teacher and became Duval County Teacher of the Year at her respective middle school. After many years of teaching, Gregory moved onto the district level. She wrote curriculum and assessments for the school district while also supporting teachers with their teaching and lesson plans strategies. Given her extensive background in education, it is clear that Gregory has a passion for helping students at all levels.

“I love that the work we do impacts thousands of students across the state, in various school districts. Working with students that come from underserved communities has always been a passion and this allows me to work with more than just one school or one district, having a greater impact on students and their success” Gregory says. “Teaching, working with students, and making a difference in their lives is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I have to say that some of my elementary teachers were the ones who really inspired me to become teachers. I had a wonderful teacher who never lost their patience with me as I was learning to speak English in Kindergarten and another who helped fuel my love for reading by always supporting me, even when I struggled with pronunciation and comprehension.” Gregory continues to help students pursue and strive for the future in formative education.

One of Gregory’s roles at the Center for Community Schools is teaching directors and coordinators how the Community Partnership Schools™ model can impact the success in students. Her why has always been the kids. “I really want to see the CPS model make an impact on students and their families. I want to be able to help this model grow throughout the state of Florida and help community schools grow nationally” Gregory says.

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