Academic Units

Department of Counselor Education and School Psychology
Phone: 407-823-6106

Department of Criminal Justice
Phone: 407-823-2603

Department of Educational Leadership and Higher Education
Phone: 407-823-2881

Department of Learning Sciences and Educational Research
Phone: 407-823-5090

Department of Legal Studies
Phone: 407-823-1670

School of Global Health Management and Informatics
Phone: 407-823-2359

School of Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-2604

Administrative Units

Accreditation, Analytics and Assessment
Phone: 407-823-0374

Phone: 407-823-4947

Community Engagement and Partnerships

Phone: 407-823-5003 | 407-823-2835

Human Resources Business Center
Phone: 407-823-6060

Student Affairs

Clinical and Field Experiences
Phone: 407-823-2518

Undergraduate Affairs
Phone: 407-823-3723

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