Big Boost for Community Partnership Schools and the Impact

August 15, 2019 by
Gov. Ron DeSantis recently endorsed the Community Partnership Schools model by signing into law a bill that allocates $7.1 million and additional resources to grow the ammount of Commmunity Partnership Schools in the state from 15 to 27 in the next year.

States Lead the Way on Community School Innovation

August 14, 2019 by
Policymakers and leaders at multiple levels have been paying increased attention to community schools—schools that engage families and community organizations to provide well-rounded support to students.

Everyday Hero: She Creates After-School Activities for Students

June 25, 2019 by
In Orlando’s Parramore community, day-to-day challenges can sometimes get in the way of children’s learning. Everyday Hero Nicole Lebron works to make sure students get the opportunities they need to learn and grow – after classes wrap up each day.