Counselor Ed Chronicles

The first issue of the UCF Counselor Ed Chronicles Newsletter was published and distributed in Fall of 2008. Started by students (Patrick Mullen, Danielle Aming, Meredith Hirshhorn, Tabitha Young) and Dr. Hagedorn, the newsletter has been published in the Fall and Spring semester every year since that time. To maintain continuity, responsibility for producing the newsletter was given to Chi Sigma Iota in Fall 2009 and CSI has been maintaining the publication ever since.

Typical articles featured in the Counselor Ed Chronicles include (a) a Letter from the CSI President, (b) an Alumni Spotlight, (c) a Faculty Highlight, (d) a Master’s Student Highlight, (e) a Doctoral Student Highlight, (f) editorials written by students, (g) Conference Reflections, (h) Past and Present CSI Events, (i) Student and Faculty Achievements, and (j) New CSI Initiates.

The Counselor Ed Chronicles is a national award winning publication, named the Outstanding CSI Newsletter in the United States in 2013. Below are the back issues of the newsletter, which can serve as a great resource for both current and prospective students to get a taste of all that happens in the UCF Counselor Education Program. Enjoy!

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