Impact through Contact.

The Center for Law and Policy was created in 2012 as an initiative by the Department of Legal Studies in the College of Community Innovation and Education at the University of Central Florida. Tasked with both supporting the department’s faculty in their research and scholarship endeavors, the Center also seeks to create positive change in the community through supporting professionalism and education in the legal arena. The Center believes in the philosophy of Impact through Contact. By fostering contact with the Legal Studies faculty, contact with the UCF student body, and contact with the Central Florida Community, the Center makes a positive impact in the discourse of legal policy among academics, practitioners, and students of the law. If you are interested in working with the Center in any one of these capacities or simply want to learn more about what we do, please explore our website or contact us directly. The Center is always looking for ways to create partnerships and support relationships that serve to better our community.


Leadership from multiple law enforcement and first responder agencies will be meeting to discuss policy and plans for a larger summit in the Fall to tackle the response to PTSD suffered in the workplace by officers, firefighters, and the like.  If…
The Center for Law and Policy along with the UCF Mock Trial Team will be hosting a one-day training for local Social Studies and Civics Teachers from Orange County Public Schools who are interested in learning how to incorporate trial…
The OCBA Paralegal Association in conjunction with the Center for Law and Policy will be hosting a Cyber Security seminar and the law at UCF's main campus.  Interetsed parties should contact to register.  CLE credits have been apllied for.

Weekly Blog

Precedent for Overriding Precedent

This week the State of Alabama passed the most restrictive Abortion Law in the United States.  The law is officially known as the Alabama Human Life Protection Act and provides only two circumstances when an abortion would be legal.  The first is if the fetus has a “lethal anomaly” resulting in the baby’s death at […]

“I want people to know about him.”

In writing these blogs every week, I try very hard not to have politics in any fashion permeate through my posts. The Center for Law and Policy’s mission is to connect through empowering individuals with a passion for the law. Whether that be conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, it does not matter. The change […]

Amending the Process

Florida like many states has a process to amend it constitution.  While that process has changed over the years, a trend seems to be clear.  Legislators want to make it harder and harder for Floridians to amend the laws that govern them.  Initially, only a simple majority was required to pass an amendment.  This rose […]