Ways to Get Involved

Impact through Contact with the Community

At the core of the Center’s mission is community collaboration. There is no way the Center could be successful without the support of lawyers, paralegals, judges, and other legal professionals in our local community. Through partnerships with these individuals, the Center seeks to educate others about issues in the law while at the same time support the creative initiatives coming from the faculty of UCF’s Legal Studies Department. Whether it is partnering on grant proposals, providing a platform for attorneys to discuss recent court rulings, or connecting volunteers to host interns, to guest lecture in classes, or to judge moot court/trial team students; together we can make a difference.

If you are interested in exploring ways of collaborating with the Center, please contact Interim Director, Dr. Marc Consalo, or Center Coordinator, Mr. Shawn Richichi. Both can be reached at 407-823-1670 or by email at marc.consalo@ucf.edu and shawn.richichi@ucf.edu.

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