Q: How do I know that I am eligible for internship?
A: Students must be accepted into the college at the time of application, possess an overall 2.5 GPA, as well as a 2.5 GPA in professional preparation, and specialization. Eligibility for internship is also outlined on the Clinical and Field Experiences website in the Student Teaching Handbook: A Guide for Internship and Clinical Practice. Please refer to your specific program requirements in the university catalog.

Q: How will I receive information and updates about my internship?
A: You are required to have an active Knights’ Email address in order to receive updated internship information. We will also post updates to our Clinical and Field Experiences Facebook page. The most important source of information is the Clinical and Field Experiences website, which is regularly updated with essential information about internships.

Q: How can I access the Student Teaching Handbook and why do I need it?
A: The Student Teaching Handbook: A Guide for Field Experiences and Clinical Practice can be accessed online at Clinical and Field Experiences Website’s homepage by clicking on the "Student Handbook" tab on the left-hand side. The handbook contains the necessary information (e.g. forms, roles, responsibilities, assessment and evaluation) for you to successfully complete your internship and is required reading for the internship.

Q: How can I find out about orientations for Internships I and II?
A: Please check under the appropriate tab (Internship I, Internship II, and Graduate) on the homepage for internship dates and information. Students can also refer to the Internship’s Calendar for information regarding orientation. In addition, orientation information will be posted on the Clinical and Field Experiences Facebook page and reminder emails will be sent out to all interns to their Knights’ email.

Q: Does the Office of Clinical and Field Experiences give permission codes to graduate interns?
A: Yes, our office should be responsible for the permission codes for all graduate internship sections (except Counselor Ed). Graduate internships belong to the Orlando campus, even if they have a regional district placement.

Application Process

Q: What is the deadline for the internship application?
A: For Spring Internships- September 15
For Fall Internships- February 15
For Summer Internships (Internship II Secondary Majors at FLVS ONLY) - February 15

Q: What is the process of applying for internship?
A: First, we would recommend meeting with your advisor to see if you are eligible for internship. We would also recommend that you attend our seminar, “How To Get Your Application Approved.” Dates, times, and locations for this seminar will be listed on our website and Facebook page. Then, you will apply online through the Clinical Experiences website. Our database will send you an email to your Knights’ mail with your application attached as a PDF within 24-hours of applying online. You will print out the application and follow the directions for completing the application that will print out as the first page of your application. Next, you will meet with your faculty advisor to review your application and have them sign it before dropping it off at the Office of Clinical Experiences in the Education Complex suite 110.

Q: How will I know that my application has been processed/approved?
A: If there are any problems with your application, or if any further information is required, you will be notified via e-mail from the Office of Clinical Experiences. Status e-mails will be sent to all applicants’ Knights e-mail accounts approximately 30 days after the deadline.

Q: What happens if I miss the application deadline?
A: Late applications will not be accepted.  No exceptions.

Q: How do I register for the internship course?
A: Check the Field Experiences and Internship page under the appropriate tab for course numbers. Use these class numbers to register on My UCF for the internship course and any courses that are internship co-requisites. Also, refer to your status e-mail sent from the Office of Clinical Experiences for specific instructions on registration for internship courses.

Q: What are the steps to withdraw an application?
A: Students are required to complete a "Drop Internship" form in the Office of Clinical Experiences (Orlando campus), or the College of Community Innovation and Education office on regional campuses.

Q: What are the steps to withdraw from an internship once it has begun?
A: Students should notify their university coordinator, supervising teacher, faculty advisor, and the Office of Clinical Experiences of their intent to withdraw from the internship. Withdrawal from the internship, the required internship course, or co-requisite courses must be initiated by the student and must be completed prior to all university deadlines. Notify your university coordinator, who should immediately contact the college's Program Coordinator.

If the withdrawal deadline is not met, students must go through the offices of Undergraduate or Graduate Studies, located in Millican Hall.

Q: When should I get fingerprinted?
A: You should not get fingerprinted until you have received your status e-mail for your internship.  Fingerprinting outside the approved timeline may result in the termination of your internship. In your status email, specific fingerprinting instructions and deadlines will be outlined for the district you applied for.

Q: Where should I get my fingerprints done?
A: Your status e-mail will inform you of the locations where you should be fingerprinted, the fee, and the duration of your fingerprints.  Click here for further information on locations for fingerprinting in all of the districts.


Q: How do I find out where I have been placed?
A: Internship placements are distributed at the UCF orientation.

Q: How long is the student teaching requirement?
A: Internship I Student teaching is a full fourteen weeks.

  • Elementary Education and Exceptional Education majors work in schools two days per week all day (Mondays and Tuesdays).
  • Secondary majors work in schools two days per week all day (normally Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Internship II is a full fourteen weeks. Students are in school Monday through Friday for the entire school day. Once you have been assigned to a school, check school schedules and calendars.

Q: How can I find directions to my school? How do I locate the telephone number?
A: This information can be found on school district websites.

Q: How soon after orientation do I report to my school?
A: Internships begin on the day of the week designated by your specific program. All internships begin the second week of UCF classes unless otherwise communicated by the Office of Clinical Experiences.

Q: What is the policy for changing my placement?
A: Placements are final. Changes can only be initiated by the faculty academic program coordinator, the university coordinator, the Regional Campus Education Coordinator or the Assistant Director of Clinical Experiences.

Q: Can I be released early from my student teaching?
A: No. The student teacher must remain at his/her placement for the entire semester. Completion of the internship is a graduation requirement.

Q: Is it possible to take any classes during my internship?
A: Internship I students are usually enrolled in co-requisite courses during the internship.
Internship II is considered a full-time experience. Normally, students cannot take classes during Internship II. Students are permitted to enroll in other classes only with the consent of their academic program coordinator

Q: Where can I find portfolio or LiveText information?
A: Refer to the Student Teaching Handbook for information related to LiveText, or questions can also be directed to your faculty advisor or academic program coordinator.


Q: What is the grading procedure for my internship?
A: Undergraduate Internship I students are assessed using the Internship I Performance Profile, which is specific to each program.

Undergraduate Internship II students are assessed during their Midpoint and Final Evaluations by their assigned program coordinator.

Students who successfully complete their student teaching experience receive an "S" (satisfactory). Students who receive an "I" (incomplete) will be required to repeat the internship or portions as determined by the university coordinator and academic program faculty. If a student receives a “U” (unsatisfactory), academic program faculty will determine if a student will be allowed to repeat the internship.

Graduate students who have successfully completed the internship are assigned a letter grade (A or B). Graduate students can be assigned a lower grade (D or F) to indicate that the internship was not successfully completed.

Q: How are final evaluations submitted to the Office of Clinical Experiences?
A: University Coordinators are responsible for submitting all internship evaluations to the Office of Clinical Experiences on the Orlando campus, or to the College of Community Innovation and Education office on regional campuses. Interns and university coordinators should make sure that all required signatures are on all copies of the evaluations. Copies of the final evaluations that are not signed are invalid. Students should always keep copies for their own records.

Q: What happens if I lose my final evaluations?
A: It is the student's responsibility to keep copies of all evaluations. In rare cases, you may obtain a copy of your evaluation from the Office of Clinical Experiences - College of Community Innovation and Education Complex, Suite 110 (Orlando Campus) for a maximum of three years after graduation date.

Q: How do I get certified as a teacher?
A: Certification information is available online from the State of Florida Department of Education at

Q: What is the FTCE?
A: The FTCE is the Florida Teacher Certification Exam.  It is required for certification.  There are three parts to the test. 1) The GKT: General Knowledge Test, 2) The Subject Area Exam, 3) The Professional Exam.

Q: Where can I find more information about the FTCE?
A: Go to to register, check scores, and learn about guidelines for the FTCE.

Q: When do I need to order my teaching certificate?
A: Our office does not provide documentation that a student has met the degree requirements until after graduation.  However, students can request the letters of degree certification verification before graduation. You can pick one up from Student Affairs: Undergraduate | Graduate.