On the Job Internship Eligibility

To be eligible for an On the Job Internship, students must meet the following requirements at the time of application:

  • Meet all eligibility requirements for Graduate Internship.
  • Meet all academic requirements of your program.
  • Be hired as a full time instructor.
  • Be hired to teach within the certification area appropriate to the graduate degree.
  • Provide proof of hire (employment verification) from the principal of the school in which the intern will be teaching.
  • Complete one or two semester long internships.
  • Arrange with the school principal an appropriate mentor who will function as the collaborating teacher, signing the appropriate UCF documents.
  • Complete the online OTJ Application.  A PDF will be sent to your Knight's email with the OTJ application components to be completed and submitted to the Office of Clinical and Field Experiences no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.
    • All fields on the application must be typed unless otherwise noted.
    • Handwritten applications will not be accepted.
    • Ensure all demographic information (i.e. name, address, email, etc.) is accurate.

The OTJ application includes:

  • On the Job Internship Application Page
    This document requires your signature and the signature of your assigned faculty advisor, or in the absence, a faculty advisor within your program.
  • Site Approval Form
    Your principal (or head administrator) and mentor teacher must complete and sign this form, making sure they are aware of what is necessary to facilitate a graduate internship at their site.
  • Employment Verification
    In order to verify your employment, you will need a letter from your school stating your current position, title, grade, and school year that you will be teaching. The letter must be typed on the school letterhead from where you will be working and signed by the principal and/or your immediate supervisor.
  • Official Graduate Plan of Study
    Students may obtain an official graduate plan of study from myUCF.

Registering for the On the Job Internship

Students are responsible for registering for the internship course on myUCF. Click here for course codes.

Students may have the option of choosing a 6 hour internship or a 3 hour internship depending on their catalog. A 6 hour (full time) internship lasts for one semester and a 3 hour (part time) internship lasts for two semesters. It is the student’s responsibility to reapply for the second semester of the 3 hour internship.

Switching from a Graduate Internship to the On the Job Internship

If a student obtains a teaching position at least two weeks prior to the start of internship, a student may switch from a Graduate Internship to an On the Job Internship. Students must notify the Office of Clinical and Field Experiences of their request to switch to an OTJ internship prior to submitting the OTJ application.

Dropping the On the Job Internship

If you decide to withdraw from or delay your internship after submitting your application, you must fill out a Drop Internship Form (available in the Office of Clinical and Field Experiences). Students are responsible for dropping the internship and any other related courses on myUCF. Please refer to UCF’s deadlines.