About the Center

The Center for Community Schools* opened in the fall of 2014 and is located in the College of Community Innovation and Education at the University of Central Florida. Its principal mission is to assist school districts and communities interested in establishing a comprehensive Community Partnership School with planning, implementation and evaluation.

The center promotes the development of community partnerships to include

  • a school district
  • a health care provider
  • a university or college
  • a lead not-for-profit partner

The partners work together to provide a Community Partnership School with a wide variety of after-school activities and primary, dental and behavioral health care for the students and their families, and the surrounding community.

The center is able to provide consultation and financial support from funds provided by the Florida Legislature.

*Formerly Center for Community Schools and Child Welfare Innovation

Advisory Board


The Advisory Board provides advice and consultation to staff of the Center for Community Schools regarding strategic planning, budgeting, advocacy, certification of community schools, funding criteria for planning and implementation grants, evaluation criteria, communications, and data analysis.


The Advisory Board consists of community partners who have registered their school to become a UCF-Certified Community Partnership School and who are involved in planning or implementation projects with the center. The Advisory Board includes one member from each project site and representatives from school districts, universities, health care providers and not-for-profit lead organizations. The Advisory Board also recruits up to three at-large members with an interest in education, child and family services, or health care, and one member experienced in working with Florida foundations.


Meetings are scheduled as needed but no less than once per quarter and may be in person or via teleconference. An agenda and any materials to be reviewed are sent to all participants at least one week prior to each meeting.

Grants Committee


The Grants Committee reviews applications from school districts and/or their community partners for planning and implementation grants. The Grants Committee decides which grant request(s) will be approved and reviews each proposal based on how it conforms to grant guidelines developed by the Center for Community Schools Advisory Board. Factors include demonstrating that the required partners (school district, university or college, lead not-for-profit and health care provider) are in place and committed; the level of community match contributed; community support demonstrated, etc.


The Grants Committee consists of staff members from the Center for Community Schools and the College of Community Innovation and Education at the University of Central Florida. The committee also includes at-large members with backgrounds in grant evaluation, public policy, education, business, etc.


Meetings are scheduled annually to review grant requests both for new planning grants and funding for implementation and ongoing operations for existing community school sites certified by the Center for Community Schools. An agenda and copies of all grants to be reviewed are sent to all participants at least two weeks prior to meetings.