Research Projects

Current/Recent Grants

2017 UCF Student Support for Orange County Corrections Division
PI: Roberto Hugh Potter, Ph.D.
$16,392, 2/1/2017-12/31/2018
Orange County Board of Commissioners

2017-2018 UCF Student Support for the Orange County Sheriff”s Office
PI: Will Moreto, Ph.D.
$69,312, 11/1/2017-10/31/2018
Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program
PI: Kristina Fisher, Ph.D.
$43,220, 12/21/2017-9/30/2018
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

National Sheriff’s Association Tourism Oriented Policing Training Program
PI: Ross Wolf, Ed.D.
$6,115, 8/01/2017-1/05/2018
National Sheriff’s Association

Studying the Impact of Video Analytics for Pre, Live and Post Event Analysis on Outcomes of Criminal Justice
Co-PI: Ray Surette, Ph.D. (with PI Mubarak Shah, Ph.D., UCF Center for Research in Computer Vision)
$1,300,000, 1/1/2016-12/31/2017
National Institute of Justice

2016-2017 UCF Student Support for the Orange County Sheriff”s Office Criminal Investigation Division
PI: Will Moreto, Ph.D.
$72,139, 11/1/2016-10/31/2017
Orange County Sheriff’s Office

The Winter Park Property Crime Assessment Report
PI: Will Moreto, Ph.D.
$25,000, 3/1/2016-10/31/2017

Evaluation: Veterans Treatment Court Services
PI: Roberto Potter, Ph.D.
$42,813, 10/1/2014-9/30/2017
Seminole County, Florida

Training for the Aruba Correctional Initiative
PI: Thomas Baker, Ph.D.
$15,519, 5/1/2017-7/31/17
Korrectie Instituut Aruba

Comprehensive School Safety Initiative: Developing Knowledge About What Works to Make Schools Safe
PI: Kristina Fisher, Ph.D. (with Co-PIs Roberto Potter, Vanessa Lopez-Littleton and Kimberley Gryglewicz)
$305,862, 1/1/2015-6/30/2017
National Institute of Justice (to Brevard Public Schools then to UCF)
[total NIJ award is $2,269,744]

Evaluation and Project Design for Seminole Behavioral Healthcare
PI: Roberto Potter, Ph.D.
$90,000, 7/1/2014-6/30/2017
Aspire Health Partners

Police Early Intervention Systems: The State of the Art
PI: Eugene A. Paoline III, Ph.D.
$94,747, 1/1/2014-6/30/2016
National Institute of Justice (to John Finn Institute for Public Safety then to UCF)
[total NIJ award is $486,485]

Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs: Policy Change, Law Enforcement Activity and Diversion Tactics
PI: Jacinta Gau, Ph.D.
$250,000, 1/1/2013-3/31/2016
National Institute of Justice

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