Can I complete my internship with my current employer?

Internships with current employers* are permitted but require approval and additional documentation. The internship director will make the final decision based upon the qualifying criteria:

  • The site has an established and documented history and involved in healthcare.
  • The preceptor is qualified to serve as a supervisor, mentor and guide for student interns, has the resources necessary to devote to the student to ensure student success, and can afford time to work with the intern one-on-one to ensure the intern’s growth and professional development.
  • The internship project is appropriate for the student’s level and does not require the intern to conduct “busy work” (routine office tasks such as copies, performing data entry, sorting of files or other clerical tasks) for more than 30 percent of the internship service hours.
  • Students must complete the internship in a different department and under the guidance of a supervisor other than their current one.

*Students are not permitted to intern at a site where there is any family ownership. Similarly, students are not permitted to have preceptors who are family members. Both scenarios present conflicts of interest and are strictly prohibited.