CTE Teacher Certification Courses

As a full-time non-degreed Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher, you are required by the State of Florida to complete four (4) courses to fulfill your professional teaching certification according to the Florida Statutes.

The 2018 Florida Statutes
K-20 Education Code
Chapter 1012 (Personnel); Section 1012.39

Employment of non-degreed teachers of career education

d. For full-time teachers, completion of professional education training in teaching methods, course construction, lesson planning and evaluation, and teaching special needs students. This training may be completed through coursework from an accredited or approved institution or an approved district teacher education program.

The required courses are part of our online Technical Education & Industry Training Bachelor of Science degree. As a courtesy to the 67 Florida school districts, we offer these courses fully online for limited non-degreed students.

Our online courses align with the UCF Academic Calendar semester term and are only offered once per calendar year. Please see the table below for the available courses and semester offering.

Mandatory Professional Education CoursesCourse NumberCourse TitleSemester
Teaching MethodsECT 3062Professional Roles of the Career & Technical TeacherSummer
ECT 4004Principles and Practices of Technical EducationFall
Course ConstructionECT 3371Course Construction in Industrial EducationSummer
ECW 3312Course Construction in Health Occupations EducationSpring
(Even Year)
BTE 4410Course Construction in Business EducationSpring
(Odd Year)
Lesson Planning and EvaluationECT 3365General Methods/Testing Evaluation in Career & Technical EducationFall
Teaching Special NeedsECW 3564Special Populations in Career & Technical EducationSpring
(some districts require this additional course)
ECT 4815Safety in the Technical Education Classroom & LaboratorySpring

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