The Student Personnel Association is a student organization for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students who are interested in studying and/or working in student affairs. It offers professional development, networking, academic, and social opportunities for its members and people affiliated with the Higher Education and Policy Studies (HEPS) program.




Benefits and Programs

SPA plans a variety of programs throughout the year to connect you with your fellow HEPSters as well as the higher education and student affairs community at UCF and beyond. SPA is an important part of the HEPS experience at UCF.

Professional Development: Take advantage of a multitude of professional development opportunities throughout the year which include mock interviews, resume workshops, student affairs professional panels, job search preparation, and conference attendance just to name a few!

Networking: Connect with professionals in departments on and off campus, including departments looking to hire for internships and practicums through socials and other professional development opportunities.

Socials: Socials provide the opportunity to meet your peers and other professionals inside and outside the university. Check out our social media pages for the latest socials!

PALS: First year grad students are paired with second year grad or doctoral students to mentor throughout their first year, and to create an opportunity for relationship building and support.

Conference Funding: A huge opportunity afforded to SPA members is funding to attend the national NASPA conference for very little cost out of pocket. SPA also coordinates trips to the NASPA State Drive-In conference each year.

Comps Study Sessions: HEPS students take a comprehensive exam during the second year of the masters program in order to obtain their degree. SPA study sessions to help prepare members for this important examination.

Opportunity to Run for Executive Board Positions: Elections are held towards the end of the fall semester. Students to run for positions such as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Professional Development Chair, Marketing Chair, and Social Chair.

Graduation: Every spring, SPA holds a graduation celebration and SPA members are awarded with graduation cords and special recognition. Family and friends are welcome!


$50 per year
$35 per semester
Ways to Pay:

  • Cash
  • Check (made out to “SPA”)
  • Venmo ( if you are interested in paying with Venmo)

Executive Board

Cydney Fry
SPA President

Graduate Assistantship
Graduate Coordinator, Department of Housing and Residence Life

Professional Interests
To work in Housing and Residence Life, Orientation/First-Year Experience, or Student Activities to contribute to areas that exemplify community empowerment and promote the importance of diversity and service.

Ryan Regan
SPA Vice President of Finance & Internal Affairs

Graduate Assistantship
Graduate Assistant, Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

Professional Interests
To continue to work within Student Conduct and its related fields, as well as receive a doctorate and become a Dean of Students.

Samantha Seelig
SPA Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Graduate Assistantship
Communications Graduate Assistant, Office of Student Involvement

Professional Interests
To work in Admission, Student Involvement or become an advisor and mentor to students. Eventually, I plan to receive my doctorate to one day teach higher education to potential graduate students.

Samuel Shapiro
SPA Vice President of Member Development

Graduate Assistantship
Graduate Assistant, Student Accessibility Services and Accessible Technology

Professional Interests
To work in Career Development and with transfer student success. I love helping others, finding passions, and making connections.

Jolie Strickland
SPA Vice President of Community Outreach & Social Engagement

Graduate Assistantship
Graduate Coordinator, Department of Housing and Residence Life

Professional Interests
To work in Housing and Residence Life to support residents and resident assistants. I plan to move up in housing to make a positive impact on the residence life experience.

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