ViaTM by WatermarkTM is an important part of student success within a teacher or school preparation program. Students in these programs are required to demonstrate competence in specific areas of professional knowledge, called standards, to earn a valid teaching certificate from the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE). Required standards vary by degree program but may include the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs), the Reading Endorsement Competencies (RECs), and the Florida Teacher Standards for ESOL Endorsement.

For Students

Students upload completed assignments to their ViaTM accounts; which, once assessed by the course instructor, allow the college to evaluate student-learning outcomes relative to established standards. This student evidence supports both college and FLDOE Continuous Program Improvement activities, which directly contribute to the quality of student learning experiences.

How to Purchase and Setup your ViaTM Account

Go to and enter your Knights email address and for the password enter your PID (numbers only, 7 digits). Follow the directions on screen to complete the purchase of your Via™ account. New student accounts are $133. After the purchase is completed, you will have access to your Via™ dashboard and will be able to submit required assignments for any courses in the current academic term.

How to Submit Assignments in ViaTM

From "In Progress" tab of your Via™ dashboard, select the course by clicking on the course name.

From the "Activity" tab of the course page, select the assignment you want to submit by clicking on the assignment title.

Within the assignment, you will see a description of the assignment1 and a place to attach any required materials2. To view the rubric used to grade the assignment, click on the “Detail” link next to Assessment Rubric on the left-hand side of the page3. Once you have completed the assignment and attached any required evidence, click “Submit”.

After submitting, the Status of the assignment will change to "Awaiting Assessment".


  1. What is the recommended browser for Via™?
    The recommended browser is FireFox. To download FireFox free of charge, visit
  2. How do I log in to Via™?
    1. Go to
    2. Email: Enter your Knights email address
    3. Password: Enter your PID (numbers only, 7 digits)*
    * For security, you will immediately be asked to reset your password
  3. I had a LiveText account, but now am being asked to buy a Via™ membership when I login to What should I do?
    All existing LiveText accounts were migrated into the new Via™ platform; however, for your existing LiveText account to register, it would need to include the Field Experience Management (FEM) add-on. If you did not purchase the LiveText membership edition that included FEM or if you did not complete the FEM add-on ($19) through your LiveText account, you will need to have FEM added to your LiveText account before gaining access to Via™.You have two options to add FEM to your LiveText account:

    1. Call Via™ customer support (800-311-5656) and tell a customer support representative that you need to purchase the Field Experience Management add-on ($19) for your “LiveText C1” account to gain access to the new Via™ platform. –OR–
    2. Login to, click on "My Account" (top right hand corner of screen), click on the "Register/Purchase" link next to Field Experience Manager, and follow the on-screen directions to complete the purchase ($19). Note: After adding FEM to your LiveText account, you will still need to contact Via™ customer support (800-311-5656) to have your Via™ account unlocked.

  4. I recently transferred to UCF from an institution that used LiveText. How do I get my information to transfer into Via™?
    Course rosters in Via™ are automatically generated from UCF enrollment records after the Add/Drop period ends each term. As such, student courses will automatically populate in Via™ during the second week of classes. If you are asked to purchase a Via™ account when you first login, follow the steps outlined in question 3, above.
  5. How can I view completed work from previous semesters?
    In your Via™ account, the "Timeline" tab allows you to access completed assignments from previous semesters. All submissions are retained on your Timeline in the order they were submitted. Note. Assignments submitted while using the LiveText platform will not be visible on your Via™ Timeline. Those assignments are still accessible through your Livetext account, for as long as your Via™/LiveText account is active.
  6. How long does a Via™ -OR- LiveText account last?
    Via™ and LiveText account are valid for 5 years from the original date purchased. If you originally purchased a LiveText account but are now using Via™, your Via™ account is valid for 5 years from the date you purchased the original LiveText account.
  7. The semester has started, but my courses are not showing up on my dashboard. What should I do?
    Course information, including assignments and rosters, will become available starting the second week of classes (after the Add/Drop period ends). If your courses and/or course assignments are still not visible by the end of the second week of classes, please email for assistance.
  8. I forgot my Via™ password. What should I do?
    Go to and click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link. You will then be prompted to provide your email address use your Knights email – to reset your password.

For Faculty and Staff

All new faculty (full-time or adjunct) who are teaching in programs requiring Via™, will need an account to assess student work. Please contact Dr. Orin Smith for assistance with gaining access to your Via™ account.

First-time login information for faculty is below:

Username: email address
Password: PID (numbers only, 7 digits)*

*For security, a password reset is required upon first login.

Once logged in, Faculty and staff can access the Help Center by clicking on the down arrow next to their name (upper right-hand corner of the screen), and clicking on “Help Center” and then downloading the "Group Owner User Guide".

Additional resources will be available here in the near future.

Please contact with additional questions.