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Student Internships

What is an internship?
Students in the both the undergraduate and graduate health services administration programs and in the health care informatics program are require to complete an internship.

Internships allow students to work within health care organizations in order to gain valuable, hands-on experience not readily available from classroom situations.

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In the School of Global Health Management and Informatics at the University of Central Florida, we have students from three different programs that must fulfill internship requirements. The undergraduate Health Services Administration program, the graduate Health Services Administration program, and the graduate Health Care Informatics program require that students complete an internship in order to gain hands-on field experience. Preceptors who work with our interns in their health care organizations are vital to our students’ success!

As an internship site, your organization must:

  1. Provide interns with learning opportunities
  2. Provide interns with an appropriate orientation of your organization’s policies and procedures
  3. Provide necessary office space and support to carry out assigned tasks
  4. Designate the name(s) of employee(s) who will coordinate the educational field experience of our interns and be “preceptors” during the time frame that the student is with the organization.

As a preceptor, you must:

  1. Work with the intern to develop a work schedule
  2. Assist the intern with designing a “work product” of which the student can take ownership. The work product must be of sufficient complexity and must have significance to your organization and/or to health care in general.
  3. Assign tasks that meet both the organization’s goals and the intern’s professional needs.
  4. Evaluate the student based on his/her contributions to the organization and on his/her final “work product.”
  5. Complete an assessment of the intern and his/her work product, discussing them both with the intern.
  6. Finalize and sign the intern’s required forms.

In your role as a mentor, you should:

  1. Be available to the intern, meeting with him/her on a weekly (or regularly scheduled basis) and as needed.
  2. Familiarize the intern to the personnel with whom he/she will be working.
  3. Exposed the intern to various departments and opportunities within the organization, stressing the administrative functions of each.
  4. Create a motivating and learning environment for the intern.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your organization would like to serve as an Affiliated Internship Site to host our student interns, or if you would like to schedule an informational presentation, please contact Jackie Gonzalez.


What is a fellowship?
Fellowships are opportunities of scholarship offered to students currently in a graduate program and/or students who have recently graduated from a graduate-level program (a “post-graduate”).

UNC Chapel Hill: Administrative Internship Program

Host: University of North Carolina Health Care in Chapel Hill
Contact: Employment Office
Phone: 919-966-5226

Washington Hospital Center: Administrative Residency Program

Host: Washington Hospital Center
Contact: Taylr Takagi
Phone: 202-877-3799

Legacy Health: Administrative Residency Program

Host: Legacy Health
Contact: Jeremiah Brown
Phone: 503-415-5452

Palmetto Health: Administrative Residency Program

Host: Palmetto Health
Contact: Valerie Richardson
Phone: 803-296-5042

Veterans Association: Fellowship/Residency Program

Host: Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
Contact: Victoria Wells
Phone: 713-791-1414

Trinity Health: Fellowship/Residency Program

Host: Trinity Health
Phone: 248-324-8757

National Academy of Sciences: Research Associateship Programs

Host: National Academy of Sciences
Phone: 202-334-2760

Mount Sinai Medical Center: Specialty One year Fellowship

Host: Mount Sinai Medical Center
Contact: Stacy Kilroy
Phone: 305-674-2209

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