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** Note: These Internships are designed exclusively for undergraduate and graduate students in the health services administration and health care informatics programs in the School of Global Health Management and Informatics at the University of Central Florida.

Organizations/Preceptors should verify that those students who approach them for internship positions are associated with the school.

How does a student find an internship site?
Students have two options to finding an internship site:

  1. The first option is for students to contact an organization that is already an established affiliate with our school/UCF. Organizations become Affiliates by completing the “Affiliate Agreement,” which is a contract signed between the organization and UCF. Once an organization completes the Affiliate Agreement, that organization is then able to host our student interns in perpetuity and the organization’s name and contact information is provided to students seeking internship placement.
  2. The second option is for students to find their own locations that are not currently listed as Affiliates. The student approaches that organization on his/her own and, if the organization agrees to accept the student as an intern, an Affiliate Agreement is completed and the organization then becomes an affiliated site. Once the organization completes the Affiliate Agreement, that organization is then able to host our student interns in perpetuity and the organization’s name and contact information is provided to future students seeking placement as interns.

If your organization would like to become an affiliate with the school, and thus able to be a host for our students, please contact Jackie Gonzalez, for an Affiliation Agreement (contract).

What is expected when a student approaches the organization?
Students are told to think of the internship placement as a job/application process. The student is responsible for contacting the organization and arranging his/her own interview. Students are expected to behave as professionals and are instructed to:

  • Contact the organization directly
  • Supply a resume to the organization
  • Arrange a date/time to interview with the organization
  • Interview with the organization
  • Get accepted as an intern with the organization
  • Complete the working requirements of the internship

Can my organization choose which student(s) we would like to host as an intern?
Yes. Students are encouraged to find internship sites that match their particular area of interest (i.e., hospitals, long-term care, etc.) and are encouraged to interview with these facilities first. However, because we have many students requiring internships, an organization may have multiple students applying for the same internship position. Students are made aware of the fact that, just like a job interview, the organization will take the candidate that best fits its needs.

How many students can my organization host as interns?
An organization can host as many interns as it would like and for which it has need. An organization can (1) host multiple students during a single semester and/or (2) can continue to host students for as many semesters as it wishes. Once an organization has become an Affiliate, they can be a host site for our students in perpetuity and can host students during spring, summer, and fall semesters. We have students from three different majors all requiring internships as a part of their degree requirements and, as such, we have students with diverse skills and varying interests.

What is the length of an internship?
Internships, just like other UCF classes, are completed in semester durations. Students are expected to work as interns for the entire semester. For example:

Fall Semester: Students work September through December
Spring Semester: Students work January through April
Summer Semester: Students work May through August

Just like with any “job,” the internship has a start date [first day of classes] and an end date [last day of classes].

What are the required numbers of working hours for the interns?
The “working hours” required for the internships differ by academic program and are as followed:

  • HCI Graduate students = 240 working hours
  • HSA Graduate students = 240 working hours
  • HSA Undergraduate students completing a 3-credit hour course = 120 working hours
  • HSA Undergraduate students completing a 6-credit hour course = 240 working hours

What happens if a student fails to complete his/her required number of working hours and/or decides to quite the internship?
Students who register for an internship are agreeing to meet all obligations, including the completion of the required number of “working” hours. Any student that fails to meet the required number of hours and/or who decides to quit the internship, will receive an “F” in the internship course.

What are the general requirements for students in the internship?
Internships offer students the opportunity to work for one semester in a position related to their field of study. While the internships may be paid or unpaid, organizations considering unpaid interns should check with their legal counsel regarding their responsibilities under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act as specific requirements need to be met.

The internship has two components: there is the “work” component and the “class” component.

Students are expected to meet the work requirements by:

  1. Adhering to their established work schedules
  2. Developing and completing their “work product”
  3. Meeting their required number of working hours
  4. Working with their preceptor on designated tasks
  5. Making a significant contribution to the organization

Students are expected to meet the class requirements by:

  1. Participating in the online course
  2. Completing all requirements of the course, including readings and quizzes
  3. Developing and completing their “work product”
  4. Submitting all required forms

What are the required forms and where can I find them?
Due to the nature of this internship, there are specific forms that students and their preceptors are required to complete. Students are responsible for accessing these forms from their online web-course and for providing the necessary copies to their preceptors. Students must then complete, scan, and return the forms to the instructor via the online course. The forms are:

  1. The Confidentiality Agreement Form
  2. The Preceptor Acknowledgment Form
  3. The Student’s Evaluation of Preceptor & Internship Experience Form
  4. The Preceptor’s Evaluation of Intern & Work Product Form
  5. The Hours Worked Form

What is this work product and why is it important for the internship?
Students will be expected to develop a final project, or “work product,” as a portion of their final grade in the internship class. This work product is designed and developed by the student in conjunction with the preceptor; this should be a project that has importance to the preceptor and/or to the organization for which the student is interning.

The work product is not intended to be a summary of what the student has done during the internship, but rather must be a specifically designed project that the student was exclusively asked to develop for the organization. The work product is expected to be rationally, yet creatively, developed, allowing the student to apply learned knowledge to a practical situation. Past “work products” have included such things as: organizing and producing procedural manuals/handbooks, developing strategic plans, creating employee work flow plans, designing marketing plans, coordinating and operating special events.

Upon completion of the work product, the student will have a project that can be placed in a portfolio and shared with future potential employers.

My family member is a UCF student in the School of Global Health Management and Informatics. May I offer him/her an internship in my organization?
No. Students are not allowed to intern with their family members and family members cannot be preceptors to students. This is a conflict of interest. Any student discovered to be interning with a family member will receive an “F” in the course.

Can students complete an internship with their current employer/place of employment?
No. Undergraduate and graduate HSA students may not use their current place of employment to satisfy the internship requirement. This is a conflict of interest. If it is discovered that a student is completing his/her internship in the same organization that he/she is currently employed, the student will receive an “F” in the internship course.

However, graduate HCI students are in a unique program/situation. There may be times when a student’s current place of employment may serve as an internship site. However, there are strict guidelines in place as to how this will be negotiated. The student is instructed to contact Internship Director Donna Davis prior to enrolling in the internship course.

Who may I contact if I have questions about the internships?
Those with questions regarding internships may contact

Jackie Gonzalez, who is the director of internship programs for the graduate HSA program, or Steven Ton, the director of internship programs for the HCI program.

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