Faculty Publications

Choi, SJ, Johnson, ME, Lehmann, CU. Data breach remediation efforts and their implications for hospital quality. Health Serv Res. 2019; 54: 971– 980. DOI

Andraka-Christou, B., Gabriel, M., Madeira, J. & Silverman, R. Court personnel attitudes towards medications for opioid use disorder: a state-wide survey. 2019; Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2019;104:72-82. DOI (impact factor 2.8).

Nguyen, T., Andraka-Christou, B., Bradford, W., & Kosali, S. Provider-Directed Marketing May Increase Prescribing of Medications for Opioid Use Disorder. 2019; Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2019;104:104-115. DOI (impact factor 2.8).

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Towne SD Jr, Smith ML, Xu M, Lee S*, Sharma S, Smith D, Li Y, Fucci Y, Ory MG. (2019). Trends in Geospatial Drivers of Fall-related Hospitalizations and Asset Mapping of Fall Prevention Interventions for Vulnerable Older Adults. Journal of Aging and Health. 2019 Jan 7:898264318822381. DOI

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Andraka-Christou, B., Alex, B., & Madeira, J. L. (2019). College student preferences for substance use disorder educational videos: A qualitative study. Substance Use & Misuse. DOI

Mazurenko, O., Andraka-Christou, B., Bair, M., & Harle, C.A. (2018). Balancing patient-centered and safe pain care for non-surgical inpatients: Clinical and managerial perspectives. The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety [Forthcoming].

Cortelyou-Ward, K., Schulte, M., & Pettit, L. (2018). Assessing the value of digital health: Leveraging the HIMSS Value STEPS ™ Framework. Boca Raton, FL: Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Barry, J., Srinivasagopalan, S., Thankachan, S. V., & Gurupur, V. (2018). Diagnosing Schizophrenia: A Deep Learning Approach (p. 549). Washington, DC: BCB '18 Proceedings of the 2018 ACM International Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Informatics. DOI

Liu, X., Hou, Z., Towne, S. D., He, M., Tan, A., Jiang, D., Mohammed, A., & Mao, Z. (2018). Knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to the establishment of the National Hierarchical Medical System (NHMS) among outpatients in Chinese tertiary hospitals. Medicine, 97 (35). DOI

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