Welcome to the School of Global Health Management and Informatics at the University of Central Florida. We have dedicated faculty and staff focusing on student development and career success.

We are proud to offer two exciting major programs with Bachelor of Science degrees. One in Health Services Administration (BS-HSA) and the other one in Health Informatics and Information Management (BS-HIIM). Both are certified or accredited by our professional bodies. We also offer three accredited high-quality Master of Science programs in Health Administration (MHA), the Executive master program (eMHA), and Health Care Informatics (MS-HCI). In addition, the school faculty also supports the interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Public Affairs (PAF-PhD; Health-track) and the state of Florida’s first Risk Management Licensure Program.

We have a diverse mix of dedicated faculty members who conduct innovative research and provide engaging instructional programs focusing on problem solving and making better health care decisions. Our faculty have expertise in public health, global health, health policy, health care leadership, long-term quality care, community engagement, and health informatics.

Our courses are taught in a blended learning environment, with a mix of high quality online and face-to-face components. All of our programs require internship or capstone projects to help students build relationship, network, and get experience in the field!

Moreover, we have dedicated, hard-working, and talented staff to help students engage in various professional and career development activities including opportunities to attend and compete at local, state, and national conferences, as well as networking with healthcare partners and professional associations.

Healthcare is the fastest growing occupations with strong job markets. The school attracts a diverse group of outstanding students from Central Florida, the nation, and globally. Our alumni are leaders in the healthcare industry deeply involved in helping our current students make positive impact.

I encourage you to reach out to our faculty and staff as you transition and develop in the field of healthcare administration and informatics. We look forward to your success and be the change agent to better our healthcare quality and delivery system!

Charge on!

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