Demonstration of Excellence
Holmes Scholars will demonstrate the ability to perform at high standards of excellence in their academic work as well as in their interactions with others.

Research and Publications
Holmes Scholars are encouraged to engage actively in research and publications by publishing and presenting at professional conferences.

Leadership Development
Holmes Scholars develop leadership skills by participating in professional activities at the local, regional, and national level.

Holmes Scholars are expected to be exemplars in all scholastic activities since this facilitates preparation and readiness for the professoriate.

Policy Initiatives
Holmes Scholars are well poised to initiate discussion about policy creation and renewal as a result of their research efforts and their professional development activities.

Collaborative Activities
Collaboration with other academicians and professionals allows Holmes Scholars to continue building their knowledge base and contribute to the development of innovative educational practices.

Social Justice Research
Holmes Scholars engage in collaborative research focused on social justice issues and challenges in multiple contexts of College of Community Innovation and Education programs.

Professional Growth
Scholars develop professionally through involvement in networking, collaboration, mentoring, leadership opportunities, and research activities.

Support Groups
A regular monthly meeting of the Scholars allows for an exchange of ideas, and discussions of concerns and other matters of importance. Meetings can be formal or informal and are great for building moral support and positive rapport.

An exemplary AACTE Holmes Scholars Program at UCF has a membership that is diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity, research interests, and specializations.

Mentoring plays a prominent role in AACTE Holmes Scholars Program at UCF through a multiple mentoring system that includes faculty, administrators, and Holmes Scholar alumni.

Cross-discipline interactions enrich the overall experience of Holmes Scholars and foster collaboration and professional development.