Our college’s academic and administrative units are housed on two campuses: Main Campus and UCF Downtown. Building operations are facilitated and coordinated by different building managers and operating units. Based on your unit’s location, view the procedures aligned to the respective campus and building.


ED Complex, MIRC & TA

The CCIE Facilities department oversees and manages college facilities in support of our college faculty, staff and students, primarily in the Education Complex (ED), Teaching Academy (TA) and Morgridge International Reading Center (MIRC).

Building Access
Request a Key or for Card Swipe Access

Golf Cart Training and Reservations
Request Training Information
Request a Golf Cart Reservation (main campus only)

Event/Meeting Room Reservations

Request Space in MIRC and select TA rooms
For questions, contact: ccieres@ucf.edu

Request Space in Education Gymnasium
For availability prior to submitting request, contact: Benie Harris

Education Complex Conference Rooms
How to Schedule ED Conference Rooms

Work Orders

  • Call Facilities Operations at 3-5233 to report urgent or potentially dangerous maintenance issues, such as accidents, spills, ceiling leaks, running water in restrooms, broken windows and wasp nests.
  • Contact Benie Harris to submit specific service requests, such as office painting or carpet cleaning.  Service requests may require a department account number.
  • For non-urgent maintenance requests, contact Benie Harris or email cciefacilities@ucf.edu.
    Non-urgent requests may include light bulb replacements, air issues, pest control, paper towel replacements, etc. There is a charge for non-standard request, which may require a department account number.


Health Services I

The College of Health Professions and Sciences Office of Planning and Knowledge Management oversees facility operations for HS I and II. For Health Services I (HS1) facilities inquiries, contact Kelli Murray.


UCF Downtown

Building Access
Contact Austin Bott, 407-823-5131 or 954-816-8792.

Room Requests
Email dtscheduling@ucf.edu

Work Orders
Email wcc@ucf.edu

  • For urgent or potentially dangerous maintenance issues, contact Kari Ridgely or Jaime Morales or 407-266-7165.  If someone needs medical attention, always call 911.
  • For maintenance requests for a specific service (office painting or carpet cleaning) and non-urgent maintenance requests, submit a work order online, email Work Control or call Work Control (3-5223).


Event Logistics

Contact: ccieevents@ucf.edu

Event Planning

See CCIE Event Planning Timeline

Outside Catering

The University no longer provides a list of outside approved caterers for university-wide use.  We are allowed to work with any caterer. In order to provide services on campus, each caterer must:

  • Add the University of Central Florida Board of Trustees to its insurance policy
  • Secure $1,000,000 in liability insurance
  • The Certificate of Insurance provided by the caterer must show the following:
    • Policy valid dates (event must fall within period of these dates)
    • $1,000,000 of liability insurance for each occurrence
    • Under description, University of Central Florida Board of Trustees includes as additional insured arising out of the acts or omissions of the insured or those action on behalf of the insured
    • Endorsement must list University of Central Florida Board of Trustees

Upon receipt of the caterer’s valid insurance information, submit for review and approval to RiskManagement@ucf.edu and Outsidecatering@ucf.edu prior to event.

For questions regarding insurance requirements, please contact the Risk Management Office


Inventory Control

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