2019-2021 Strategic Goals for CCIE

Outward Facing Goals

  1. Cultivate a culture of diversity and inclusion to attract and support exceptional faculty, students, and staff of all backgrounds whose collective contributions strengthen us.
  2. Support, recognize, and reward professional excellence of faculty, staff, and students.
  3. Become the most transformative college in the region and state through the creation of untraditional interdisciplinary research teams and the advancement of groundbreaking ideas with social impact.
  4. Sustain and grow strong partnerships between the faculty, staff, and students of CCIE and local, regional, national, and global communities.
  5. Use positive impact as an evaluative marker of community service, research, and academic excellence.

Internal Goals

  1. Practice effective communication, recognizing each person’s need to exchange ideas clearly and respectfully, seek information and clarification regularly, and respond to misinformation directly and professionally.
  2. Align college resource requests with strategic goals to advance the quality and impact of teaching, research, and service of all units.
  3. Advocate for differentiated workloads that reflect teaching, research, service strengths.
  4. Nurture professional relationships in a culture of collaboration among faculty and staff within and across all units throughout the college.
  5. Be intentional in coordinating between the two campuses, using technology, face-to-face meetings, and other mechanisms to assure a sense of connection and to promote collegiality.
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