Welcome to the Department of Legal Studies at the University of Central Florida.

The department is housed in the College of Community Innovation and Education and is located on the university’s Orlando campus in the Health and Public Affairs I building (right). In addition, we offer a full range of Web-based courses and participates in the university’s honors, service-learning and internship programs.

The department currently has 17 full-time faculty members and employs a number of outstanding adjuncts drawn from Central Florida's professional community. To complement the faculty, we have several support staff members, including an office manager and a professional advisor. In fall 2018, enrollment in our bachelor’s degree programs exceeded 770 majors with 220 students pursuing minors. We accommodate these students by offering a full range of classes around the clock and throughout the region.

Legal Studies Programs

For those interested in studying the law and gaining preparation for law-related careers and/or law school, the Legal studies Departments offers a bachelor’s degree program, leading to either a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.). The Department also provides the Legal Studies Minor and two certificates. The Legal Studies program offers students within the major a dynamic opportunity for placement in a wide variety of public and private sector law-related organizations. In addition, the Department fosters both the Mock Trial and Moot Court teams. Students can further their development and involvement by joining Phi Alpha Delta, Pre-Law International or Phi Delta Phi International Legal Honor Society.

Center for Law and Policy

The department also houses the Center for Law and Policy, which develops, shares and promotes innovative ideas that advance the legal field and benefit the broader community.