The Legal Studies program at UCF is an open access program. Once you have been offered admission into the University, you will have the ability to declare your major as either a BA or BS in Legal Studies. The Legal Studies program is also affiliated with UCF Online and can be completed solely online. For more information about admission into the University, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 407-823-3000.

The Bachelor of Art degree and the Bachelor of Science Degree are equivalent to each other. One is not better than the other. Employers and Professional Schools (Law School or Graduate Schools) do not make a distinction between the two degrees.

For UCF and Department of Legal Studies purposes, the BA requires demonstration of 1 year of foreign language proficiency at the college level (8 hrs or CLEP exam) and the BS requires 2 years of the same foreign language proficiency at the high school level.

Both programs are virtually the same. The similarities between the two include all courses being taught by Legal Studies instructors who hold a Juris Doctor (JD) degree, the same content of courses, equal course requirements, and an identical Bachelor degree awarded in Legal Studies upon graduation.

The only obvious difference is that the UCF Online program is solely administered online. The campus-based/in-person program will have the option of online, face to face, mix-mode, one-day a week Orlando campus evening courses. Come Fall 2019, the Legal Studies Department will be housed at the UCF Valencia Downtown Campus and courses will be offered there.

This curriculum applies for those students that began the major prior to summer 2018:

  • The Bachelor of Science degree requires students to complete a minimum of 57 credit hours (21 hrs of PLA core courses, 21 hrs of PLA electives, and 15 hrs of PLA supporting courses).
  • The Bachelor of Arts degrees requires students to complete a minimum of 51 credit hours (21 hrs of PLA core courses, 21 hrs of PLA electives, and 9 hrs of PLA supporting courses).
  • In addition to the 51 hrs, students need to complete 8 hrs of foreign language at the college level or CLEP out of the foreign language requirement.

This curriculum applies for those students that began the major summer 2018 and onward:

  • The Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degree is comprised of 51 credit hours (15 hrs of PLA Core courses, 33 hrs of PLA Electives, and three hrs of Supporting Coursework).
  • Students should speak with the academic advisor to discuss the difference between the B.S. and the B.A. degree requirement.

Specializations are offered to Legal Studies majors only and it is not required that students declare an area of specialization.The Legal Studies Specializations are eight broadly defined areas of law that typically fall into categories of student interests. Specializations are an option for those students that began the major prior to summer 2018 only. If you have any questions, please contact the academic advisor.

The 3+3 Law School Program is a unique opportunity that UCF has created with two different law schools (FSU Law- in Tallahassee, FL and Touro Law in upstate NY) that allows a student the opportunity to complete 3 years of their undergraduate degree followed directly by 3 years of the traditional law school degree. In essence, UCF and the participating law schools have agreed to allow students who partake in this program to complete their undergraduate degree in three, instead of four, in favor of using that extra year to start their first year of law school. After a student earns up to 30 credit hours in their first year of law school, UCF will then allow for those credit hours to count towards the 120 credit hours needed to complete the Legal Studies Bachelor’s degree.

For more information, click here.

The Legal Studies Program provides students with a solid legal foundation as well as transferable skill sets that will prepare all graduates for law school, paralegal/law related fields, offices of human resources, real estate practices, the insurance industry, compliance offices, business ventures, or nearly any other next step they wish to take.

No, you do not have to major in Legal Studies to apply and attend law school. Law schools do not have a preference for any particular academic discipline for the purpose of admission. The bulk of the law school admission decisions are based on LSAT scores, overall recalculated GPA, personal statement, letters of recommendation, resume, etc.

However, the Legal Studies Program at UCF is a phenomenal program that will enrich a student’s academic experience in the practical and foundation knowledge areas within the field of law. All PLA courses are law-oriented courses taught by expert legal instructors that have earned their Juris Doctor (JD) degree and have passed the Florida Bar Exam. The Legal Studies Program has a very robust curriculum that offers nearly 60 courses spanning a variety of areas within the law as well as critical legal foundation courses such as Legal Research, Legal Writing, Civil Practice and Procedure, Property and Real Estate, Law of Torts, Criminal Law, the Law of Contracts, etc.

The length of time to complete a degree in Legal Studies will depend on the course load a student takes per semester and if they have completed the General Education Courses (GEP). The Legal Studies Program requires between 51 and 57 credit hours, while a bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Florida requires a minimum of 120 credit hours to complete. It is possible to complete the Legal Studies program within 2- 4 years (4-8 semesters) by taking a course load of 15 hrs during the fall and spring semesters.

Yes, law-related opportunities that are open to all UCF students include Moot Court, Mock Trial, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, Phi Delta Phi Pre-Law Honor Society, the National Black Law Student Association, and many more!

Please see Student Organizations for more information about some of these opportunities.

The Legal Studies Program at UCF is not an ABA recognized paralegal program. However, it is an undergraduate academic discipline that offers an extensive amount of foundation and topic-specific law courses that are proven to be beneficial to all students across academic disciplines.

Through the completion of a bachelor degree in Legal Studies, students should be able to sit for any of the certified paralegal exams. Students are typically referred to the National Association of Legal Assistant/Paralegal (NALA) for more details regarding how they can best prepare for the certified paralegal exam.

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