Conflict Resolution & Analysis Graduate Certificate

Conflict is an essential element of change and growth within an organization. Grow your conflict resolution skills to lead constructive change and sustainable growth within your organization.

You've learned the rules of your organization. Now learn people. Now learn conflict resolution.


No matter what field of employment you are in, this conflict resolution certificate will set you apart. Conflict is a given. Being able to recognize and successfully navigate conflict is not. This certificate offers focused coursework and experiential learning opportunities that provide students and professionals the tools they need to thrive as members of society and organizations.
This conflict resolution program provides instruction on both the theory and application of conflict resolution skills. The coursework centers on an array of conflict resolution theories and analysis in society and organizations. Additionally, students are able to "learn by doing" through extensive role plays, a practicum course, and the ability to compete in dispute resolution tournaments.
Conflict impedes flow and efficiency and that affects the bottom line as well as the healthy functioning of a department or team. The better you are at navigating conflict, the more efficiently you can work to resolve it. Good work environments that foster employee satisfaction by skillfully managing unproductive behavior through productive conflict resolution, help boost the potential of a company or department.
While giving and following orders and respecting chain of command is a must, that does not mean that unproductive behaviors resulting from human interactions don't arise. In teams, units, and departments where cohesion and efficiency are of paramount importance, not attending to interpersonal conflict can severely hinder effective performance. While compliance is essential, creating conflict resolution mechanisms which enhance team cohesion while attending to human conflict, can enhance performance.

New Legal Studies Certificate to Begin This Fall
Starting this fall, UCF’s new conflict resolution and analysis certificate will provide students with the opportunity to dig deeper into the theories behind conflict and uncover what causes disputes.

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