The mission of the K-8 Mathematics and Science Education MEd degree is to improve the quality of mathematics and science teaching as well as leadership in Central Florida by providing opportunities to:

  • Strengthen the quality of teaching and learning in mathematics and science education.
  • Create a network of school-based leadership in mathematics and science education.
  • Develop a strong infrastructure of cohorts focusing on long-term impact.
  • Increase the number of students who enter high school and choose to enroll in mathematics and science courses which will prepare them for careers in mathematics, science, and technology fields.

At the Lockheed Martin/UCF Academy, leadership is an essential part of our teacher education. Lockheed Scholars become a source of delivery of professional development for teachers in their respective schools.

Since its inception in 1992, 585 teachers have graduated from the program, many of whom have proven to be highly motivated individuals who continue to grow professionally through formal education settings. For example, 27% of those graduates have achieved National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certification, far surpassing the 3% certification rate for classroom teachers in Florida. Additionally, 27 LMA graduates have since completed a Doctoral or Educational Specialist degree, and 29 are currently enrolled in such programs.

Many graduates have been recognized for service to their communities. Awards include several nominations for the Teacher of the Year award at their respective schools and counties, as well as prestigious national awards such as the National Science Foundation Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching (1996 and 2002), the National Science Foundation State Systemic Initiative Promising Practice Practitioner (1995) and the Fulbright Memorial Fund in 1999 and 2001.

Teachers interested in enrolling in the program should apply both to UCF Graduate Studies Admissions and to the Lockheed Martin/UCF Academy.

Application Process

Requirements for Consideration to Admission

All applicants must:

  • Teach in a public school.
  • Teach in a Florida elementary school classroom or teach mathematics or science in a middle school.
  • Hold one or more of the following teaching certificates: Elementary K-6, Science 5-9, Science 6-12, Mathematics 5-9, or Mathematics 6-12.
  • Taught at minimum of three years.
  • Must submit a completed University of Central Florida Graduate Admissions application.
  • Submit a Lockheed Martin/UCF Academy application by due date assigned (for best consideration of financial assistance)

Each year, enrollment to this program is limited.


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