Alice Noblin

April 16, 2018 by
I have focused research efforts on patient engagement in technology and workforce usage of technology for patient care. Increased adoption of electronic health records has impacted both patients and providers, and my research has uncovered barriers to usage by patients, physicians, physical therapists and other clinicians which provides insight into how we can make the […]

Glenn Lambie

June 8, 2017 by
Dr. Glenn Lambie serves as Senior Associate Dean and The Robert N. Heintzelman Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair. He is a Professor of Counselor Education and served as the Chair for the Department of Child, Family, and Community Sciences (2014-2018). Dr. Lambie is a National Certified Counselor (NCC), a National Certified School Counselor (NCSC), and a […]

Grant Hayes

June 1, 2017 by
Grant Hayes is the dean of the College of Community Innovation and Education at the University of Central Florida. He is also a Mildred W. Coyle Endowed Professor and Eminent Scholar. Hayes previously served in various leadership roles in UCF’s former College of Education and Human Performance. Before returning to UCF, he served as the […]
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