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Lisa Martino, Ph.D.

Lecturer and Academic Program Coordinator

Career and Technical Education

Office: ED 220C

Phone: 407-823-6184


Professional Summary

Dr. Lisa Martino has over 11 years’ experience in career and technical education. She began her academic career as a CTE teacher and has been a CTE teacher educator since 2012. Dr. Martino has earned her B.S. and M.A. in career and technical education, and Ph.D. in career and workforce education. Her scholarly work includes conference presentations and papers in CTE, faculty development, comparative studies, and distance learning. Her dissertation is titled: The Sustainability of Career and Technical Education Teacher Preparation Programs in Florida. Dr. Martino has devoted her work to teaching pedagogy to subject matter experts who wish to become CTE teachers, industry or corporate trainers, and educational administrators as she is passionate about CTE policies and advocacy.


PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with a Concentration in Career and Workforce Education, Cognate in Teacher Education and Distance Learning, University of South Florida, Tampa

Areas of Expertise

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE)
  • Teacher Education and Professional Development
  • Distance Learning

Research Interests

  • CTE Teacher Preparation Programs
  • Comparative Studies in CTE
  • Diversity and Inclusion in CTE

Recent Publications

Martino, L., & Lasonen, J. (2018). Comparison of VET and CTE teacher pathways: Finland and the U.S. In C. Nägele & B. E. Stalder (Eds.), Trends in vocational education and training research. Proceedings of the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), Vocational Education and Training Network (VETNET) (pp. 238–244). DOI

Martino, L. M. & Lasonen, J. L. (2018). The Future of CTE teacher preparation programs in Florida’s Universities. The CTE Journal, 6(2), 15-30.

2018 Conferences

Martino, L. & Lasonen, J. (2018, September). Comparison of VET and CTE teacher pathways: Finland and the U.S. Paper presentation at the ECER 2018 Conference, Inclusion and exclusion resources for educational research, Vocational Education and Training, Bolzano, Italy.

Martino, L. M. (2018, September). Who teaches the CTE teacher – Part 2. Special guest speaker at the FABTMES CTE Director Meeting, Bunnell, FL.

Martino, L. (2018, July). Who's teaching the CTE teacher? Lecture session at the FACT Conference, Orlando, FL.

Martino, L. (2018, January). Tell a story: The visual blueprint for an online course. Concurrent presentation at Florida Distance Learning Association Conference, Altamonte Springs, FL.

2018 Community Service

  • Advisory Board Chair – Florida Virtual School CTE Advisory Board
  • Committee Member – UCF Florida Prison Education Project
  • Committee Member – UCF College International Committee
  • Proposal Reviewer – National Youth at Risk Conference
  • Journal Article Reviewer – Workforce Education Forum, Penn State University
  • Volunteer Judge – FBLA/PBL Student Association Competition, March 2018

Faculty Related Links

ECMC Foundation Fellow

Professional Organizations

  • Florida Association for Career and Technical Education
  • Association for Career and Technical Education
  • Professional Organization and Development Network
  • Online Learning Consortium
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