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Angela White-Jones, Ph.D.


Public Administration

Office: DPAC 447C

Phone: 407-823-5786


Professional Summary

Dr. White-Jones's primary research interests include:

  • Grant and Contract Administration (pre-post award, monitoring);
  • Social enterprises, NGOs, and Community Values
  • Research Administration and Research Law

Dr. White-Jones teaches Grant and Contract Management, Strategic Planning and Management, Leadership and Organization Models in Research Administration, and Public Program Evaluation Techniques within the Research Administration and Nonprofit Management Graduate Programs.

Dr. White-Jones brings extensive professional experience in grants and contract management, research administration  and advocacy in a number of sectors, but most extensively in NGOs/nonprofits. Dr. White-Jones believes in the connection between theory, developed data, and the dissemination of ideas through practical application and best practice development in the professional realm. Professionally, Dr. White-Jones has written and been awarded over $20 million in grants and contract funding in her young career.


University of Central Florida

Research Interests

  • Grant & Contract Management
  • Social Enterprises, NGOs & Community Values
  • Research Administration
  • Research Law