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Morgan Diaz

Doctoral Student

Morgan Diaz is a second-year doctoral student in the Exceptional Education program at the University of Central Florida. She is a Toni Jennings Exceptional Education Institute Fellow. She received her M.Ed. degree in Exceptional Education and her ASD Certification from the University of Central Florida as a Project ASD Scholar. Morgan began teaching in Central Florida in 2012 as an elementary special education teacher. She has worked as a support facilitation teacher, an inclusion teacher, and a literacy coach. Morgan was the PBIS leader for her school, working alongside teachers in the school to strengthen Tier I instruction, ensuring teachers were teaching to the standards for all students. Additionally, Morgan worked closely with the MTSS team to help teachers develop and implement Tier 2 and 3 interventions. Morgan has been recognized by the FLDOE as a High Impact Teacher for the success of her students. She received the Teacher of the Year award for her school. She is interested in improving behavioral and academic support and services for individuals with disabilities participating in the elementary general education classrooms.


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