Angela Vatalaro, Ph.D.

Visiting Lecturer

Early Childhood Development and Education


Professional Summary

Angela Vatalaro is a three-time Knight in the Early Childhood Development and Education program at UCF. Dr. Vatalaro most recently worked as an Associate in Research in the Department of Child and Family Studies at the University of South Florida. She has been involved in a range of research projects, including program evaluation for multi-site, state-wide, and nation-wide initiatives. She has worked on grants examining the mental health and well-being of boys and men of color, a randomized control trial with parents involved in child welfare, program evaluation for grantees implementing a state-wide home visiting program, an evaluation of a state-wide system of care, and a racial and social justice initiative.


Ph.D. Education: Early Childhood Track
University of Central Florida

Recent Publications

Payne, T., Joseph, R., Yampolskaya, S., & Vatalaro, A. (2020). Florida HIPPY parents successfully prepare their children for kindergarten. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 53(4), 650-657. DOI

Vatalaro, A., Culp, A. M., Hahs-Vaughn, D. L., & Barnes, A. C. (2018). A quasi-experiment examining expressive and receptive vocabulary knowledge of preschool Head Start children using mobile media apps. Early Childhood Education Journal, 46(4), 451-466. doi:10.1007/s10643-017-0877-3

Goldstein, K., Vatalaro, A., & Yair, G. (2017). Parent-based early childhood interventions do make a difference! A rebuttal to See and Gorard 2015a. Journal of Children’s Services, 12(4), 224-238. doi:

Vatalaro, A., Szente, J., & Levin, J. (2015). Transformative learning of pre-service teachers during study abroad in Reggio Emilia, Italy: A case study. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 15(2), 42-55. doi:10.14434/josotl.v15i2.12911

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