Maritza Concha, Ph.D.

Lecturer and Center for Public and Nonprofit Management Director

Nonprofit Management

Office: DPAC 447B

Professional Summary

Maritza Concha holds a Ph.D. in Public Affairs with a concentration in Public Administration from the University of Central Florida, a master’s degree in Latin American Studies at University of Miami and a bachelor’s degree in International Relations at Florida International University. For the past 15 years, Dr. Concha has been working as an evaluator for local non-profits, serving Latino/a immigrants. Her other areas of interest are service partnerships and evaluating projects that serve at-risk populations such as victims of human trafficking, refugees, and low-income minorities. Dr. Concha has published her research and evaluation studies in peer review journals such as the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, Journal of Community Practice and International Journal of Public Administration. She is a member of the Advancing Collaborative Evaluation (ACE) Network funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and is an active member of the American Evaluation Association.


Ph.D. in Public Affairs
University of Central Florida

Areas of Expertise

  • Program evaluation
  • Research methods
  • Non-profit organizations

Research Interests

  • Service partnerships
  • Evaluations of social services tailored to hard to reach populations
  • Culturally responsive evaluation practices

Recent Publications

Concha, M., Villar, M. E., Tafur-Salgado, R., Ibanez, S., & Azevedo, L. (2016). Fatherhood Education From a Cultural Perspective: Evolving Roles and Identities After a Fatherhood Intervention for Latinos in South Florida. Journal of Latinos and Education. Volume 15, 2016 – Issue 3. DOI

Concha, M. et al (2015). Differences in acculturation and trajectories of anxiety and alcohol consumption among Latina mothers and daughters in South Florida. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 1-10.

Concha, M., Villar, M., & Azevedo, L. (2015). The Role of Cultural Competence in the Evaluation of Social Service Programs and Achieving Social Change in Wallace, J. Social Change: Perspectives, Challenges and Implications for the Future. Nova Science Publishers: Hauppauge NY (ISBN: 978-1-63483-658-6)

Sanchez, M., Dillon, F. R., Concha, M., & De La Rosa, M. (2014). The Impact of Religious Coping on the Acculturative Stress and Alcohol Use of Recent Latino Immigrants. Journal of religion and health, 1-19.

Concha, M. (2014). Exploring Collaboration, Its Antecedents, and Perceived Outcomes in Service Partnerships of Community-Based Organizations. International Journal of Public Administration.

Current Funded Projects

  • Development and evaluation of a social game to increase awareness on reporting youth violence from the bystander perspective. This program is funded by the Children’s trust. Amount funded $87,000
  • Development of a cultural competence assessment and plan for the System of Care in Osceola County. Amount funded $13,000
  • Provide evaluation technical assistance to NeighborWorks America. Amount funded $25,000

Professional Organizations

  • Member of the American Evaluation Association (AEA)
  • Member of the Red de Seguimiento, Evaluación y Sistematización de America Latina y el Caribe (RELAC) (Latin American and Caribbean Evaluation Association)
  • Member of the Advancing Collaborative Evaluation (ACE) Network
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