Undergraduate Students

All undergraduate students within the School of Public Administration must complete an internship. Eligible undergraduate students may:

  • Complete a 180-hour internship for three credit hours.
  • Complete a 375-hour internship for six credit hours.

Students seeking an internship for nine credit hours will need approval from the internship coordinator, Daniel Seigler. Approval will only be given to students who will be either traveling out-of-state or participating in a special immersion internship, such as the UCF Legislative Scholars Internship.


  • Must be a junior or senior.
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA.
  • Have successfully completed 12 credit hours of public administration coursework, including Introduction to Public Administration (PAD 3003).
  • All undergraduate students in the nonprofit management minor who are completing the Certified Nonprofit Professional credential from the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance must complete a 300-hour internship while enrolled in PAD 4941.
  • Students complete PAD 4942 Internship Orientation the semester prior to their internship. Students can register for this course through their MyUCF portal by the last day of registration and complete the course by the end of that semester before they will be able to enroll in PAD 4941 School of Public Administration Undergraduate Internship. There is no additional cost for this course, but it must be completed during the semester prior to taking an internship. Students can reach out to Daniel Seigler or Mirtha Bailey for any questions.

How to Enroll:

If your internship has been approved, the UCF Office of Experiential Learning will automatically enroll you in the internship course, PAD 4941.

Graduate Students

Graduate students within the School of Public Administration are not required to complete an internship. However, if you want to gain additional experience or feel you don't have enough practical experience, we encourage you to pursue an internship.


  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • Have successfully completed six credit hours of graduate-level public administration coursework.
  • Eligible graduate students may receive a maximum of three credit hours for one semester of internship.

How to Enroll:

You will need to contact experiential learning coordinator Mirtha Bailey to obtain the internship course permission number for the course PAD 6496.

Finding an Internship

If you are looking for an internship, the best place to start is with Handshake, offered by UCF Career Services. Handshake features internship opportunities from a variety of employers. You can also check the PA Weekly for opportunities, network at our events and meet employers at our Public Service Career Showcase.

If you arrange an internship through your own efforts, you must seek approval from the internship coordinator prior to beginning the internship. Students who do not receive approval run the risk of not receiving academic credit for their internship.

Students should meet with an academic advisor prior to enrolling in an internship to ensure the course is a part of their individualized plan of study.

For more information, please email experiential learning coordinator Mirtha Bailey.

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