The School of Public Administration believes in not only developing public service professionals that serve across the nation, but also in developing public service professionals that can take their knowledge and skills around the globe. International experiences are great opportunities for students to become immersed in other cultures, make new friends, grow their professional network, and learn how to utilize their formal education in vast global settings.


Government Field Study: Metropolitan Governance in Seoul

Each fall, PAD 6958 Government Field Study: Metropolitan Governance in Seoul is offered. The Seoul, Korea Metropolitan Government (SMG) in partnership with the University of Seoul has designed “Case Study: Policy Management in Seoul” for graduate students in public administration and related fields to experience and understand Korea's politics, economy and culture during their stay in one of Asia’s largest, most modern, and progressive cities. This course, which is only offered at select universities in the U.S., allows students to spend 7 days in Seoul, South Korea – interacting with SMG leaders and visiting field sites.

For more information, students should reach out to the Academic Support Services Director, Nasrin Lakhani.

Erasmus +

School of Public Administration students can travel to Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania as a part of the Erasmus + program. The agreement permits UCF to send up to two students per year for up to two semesters each to study in at KTU in Lithuania. Kaunas is one of the Lithuania’s largest cities and is known for its rich history and economic impact.

For more information, please contact UCF Abroad.

International Dual Degree

UCF has partnered with Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania to allow students to pursue dual undergraduate degrees simultaneously. Students who are accepted and complete the program will obtain a bachelor’s degree in nonprofit management from UCF and a bachelor’s degree in public administration from KTU. KTU, established in 1920, is well known for its innovation and research across the Baltic States.

For more information about this program, visit the dual degree program page.

UCF in the Gambia

This program gives students the unique opportunity to learn what the value of partnerships, advocacy and community building can be in making an impactful change in communities and in people’s lives. Students will engage in discussions about various issues and develop cross-sectoral solutions that represent how they envision the world not as it is, but as it should be. This program will also include visits to local government agencies and nonprofit organizations, and students will be able to interact with people who are “changemakers,” who have been instrumental in making significant policy changes.

For more information, please contact Dr. Stephanie Krick.

Study at ADA University

Interested UCF undergraduate students can spend up to two semesters at ADA University in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is located along the Caucasus mountain region between Southeastern Europe and Southwest Asia. Home to two designated UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, Azerbaijan boasts a population of over 9.5 million people. Baku, the largest city in the country and home of ADA University, lies along the Caspian Sea. Baku has become increasingly popular for tourism and international learning for students and faculty in recent years.

Visit the UCF Abroad website for additional information about this opportunity.

UCF Abroad provides information for students interested in studying abroad - including program costs, how to obtain a passport/visa, other UCF study abroad programs, etc.

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