Public Administration

Graduate Program Strategic Plan


The UCF MPA program is a preeminent graduate degree program, recognized globally for excellence in professional public administration education, scholarship, and community impact. It is the preferred graduate program for current and prospective public sector professionals at all levels of government.


The UCF MPA program prepares students to confront and solve complex societal challenges. Building from a supportive and diverse environment, the program transforms students into effective and ethical public sector professionals skilled in cultural competence, strategic management, techniques of policy and financial analysis, and effective communication necessary to excel in all areas of government service and enhance the university’s collective impact on the community it serves, globally defined.


The UCF MPA program is committed to professionalism, ethics, and cultural competence brought about through diversity and inclusiveness. To that end, the program embraces the following ethical and professional principles.

Ethical Principles

We advocate the following ethical principles of conduct as the foundation of public service:
  • Integrity—to serve in an honest, transparent manner while honoring promises;
  • Benevolence—to promote the public good, avoid doing harm, and respect the worth of each individual;
  • Fairness—to act in a way that is just and equitable to all, while avoiding undue burden on the most vulnerable in our society; and
  • Social Justice—to identify and address the unfair burdens experienced by groups of individuals through intentional and unintentional policies, laws, and societal projects and practices.

Professional Principles

We advocate the following professional principles to advance public service as a profession:
  • Commitment—to pursue a passion for the public interest with accountability and transparency;
  • Competence—to utilize the most current knowledge, skills, and abilities to serve the public interest with efficiency and objectivity;
  • Scholarship—to cherish and honor learning that enriches the human experience;
  • Stewardship—to accept responsibility for decisions and actions regarding the protection of public resources;
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness—to respect and value all perspectives and experiences, creating an environment that is open to all; and
  • Leadership—to inspire others to advance the public interest while actively promoting democratic participation and collaboration.

Graduate Public Administration Program Strategic Plan 2017-2022

The public administration program’s current goals and objectives include the following:
  • Goal 1: The MPA Program will establish a clear identity to its current and potential stakeholders and within the discipline of public administration.
  • Goal 2: The MPA program will prepare its students to gain employment and thrive in the public and nonprofit sectors.
  • Goal 3: The MPA program will effectively apply its expertise to address local, regional, state, national, and global public issues.
  • Goal 4: The MPA program will help SPA to fully fund its current and future operations.
  • Goal 5: The MPA program will effectively manage future growth.
  • Goal 6: If required, the MPA program will seamlessly and effectively transition its operations to the new UCF Downtown campus.
Note: The objectives in the full plan each contain measures and time for completion, which the advisory board uses for assessment. To view the full plan, please click here.