I was awarded! Now what?

Notify the CCIE Research Administration Services Team immediately.

CCIE research staff then notify the UCF Office of Research (OR). OR is the only entity authorized by UCF to receive, issue, negotiate and sign research agreements (i.e. contracts, grants, amendments, modifications) with a sponsor.

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The CCIE Research Administration Services Team can support PI’s ongoing research efforts in the following capacities:

  • Account set-up: OR reviews any applicable terms and condition and then establishes project accounts for expenditures once they receive notice of award.
  • Subcontract/consultant/external services/vendor agreement: OR will determine the type of contract based on the award letter. They are responsible for monitoring subcontract agreements with support of PIs and other UCF personnel. OR sends Audit Certification Forms to Subcontractors, collects completed forms and requested documentation, reviews the documents, and maintains the official files of Subcontractor audit forms and documentation. Once invoices are approved by the PI, OR will process payments.
  • Cost share expense monitoring: Cost share and matching are commitments from sources other than the funding agency (such as OR, a University department, or a University College) to cover certain costs of a project or to provide in-kind services such as use of space or equipment. If a project requires cost share, a separate account(s) will be established to document all cost share expenditures.
  • Effort certification for a PI: Effort is the work or the proportion of time spent on any activity and expressed as a percentage of the total time for all institutional-based activities. Effort reporting is a process mandated by the federal government to verify that direct labor charges to federally approved projects/agreements are reasonable and reflect actual work performed. UCF uses the Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT). Faculty, A&P employees and Post Docs are required to certify their effort on ECRT once per semester. Notices will be sent to the PI to complete their ECRT.
  • Expenses monitoring: CCIE Research Administration Services Team, CCIE Budget Office and OR can help PIs monitor and reconcile project expenses to ensure allowability, allocability and reasonableness. As a reminder, all expenses must be directly related to the project and made during the project period.
  • Intellectual property: Intellectual property (also called IP) is a creation of the mind; it includes such things as inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images and designs used in commerce. The Office of Technology Transfer within OR is responsible for managing UCF’s IP assets and works with inventors to protect and promote their discoveries so they may be used in publications, presentations and in the marketplace.
  • No-cost extensions: If a PI needs additional time to complete a project at no additional cost to the sponsor, he/she should let CCIE Research Administration Services Team staff know. CCIE research staff can help the PI submit a written request to OR; the written request must include a detailed justification. OR will submit the official request to the funding agency with a copy to the PI. Once the agency response is received, OR will forward a copy to the PI.
  • Financial oversight: The CCIE Budget Office assists in financial oversight of the contracts and grants that have been awarded to the College.
  • Faculty time allocation: Ensure your time and effort are properly tracked and documented in the College system
  • Participant incentives: Assist in purchasing gift cards or processing stipend requests as voluntary research participant incentives
  • PCard purchase assistance: Assist in purchasing research related materials, supplies, equipment, etc. on a PCard
  • Purchase order setup: Every purchase needs to be accompanied by an approved Purchase Request Form
  • Staff and student hiring: Assist with human resource management including graduate assistantships and OPS
  • Travel arrangement assistance: Assist with travel arrangements and travel reimbursements, including domestic and foreign travel and local mileage
  • Budget monitoring: CCIE Research Administration Services Team can assist you in monitoring your financial progress by providing a project budget report monthly and regular meetings.
  • Budget amendments and budget transfers: CCIE Research Administration Services Team can assist with completing budget amendments and assist in obtaining approval from the sponsoring agency if agency approval is required.
  • Agency financial reports: The Research Administration Services Team can help draft and provide and provide financial information for reports for the sponsor.
  • Administrative communication with the agency: CCIE Research Administration Services Team can assist with any non-technical and non-programmatic communication with the sponsoring agency.

Principal Investigator Responsibilities

  • Full project management: Personally monitor all aspects of your project, including financial activities
  • Project monitoring of sub-recipient: PIs need to verify that the sub-recipient (also called the subcontractor) is conducting the scope of work required under the project and that the costs incurred by the subcontractor are reasonable for the work accomplished. PIs must review and sign all invoices from subcontractors before they can be paid by UCF.
  • Report Submission: Unless an authorized submission is required, the PI must submit report deliverables to the sponsor. Please send a copy to OR Deliverables Manager and CCIE Research Administration Services Team
  • Programmatic or technical communication with the sponsor
  • Award Closeout: This is the period of time when an award is completed, and the PI must provide the required documentation to the sponsoring agency and OR.
  • IRB/IACCUC pending and approval
  • Certifying your effort via ECRT: All PIs, faculty, A&P employees and Post Docs are required to certify their effort via Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT) once per semester. Email reminders will be sent
  • Technology purchases: Computers, laptops, accessories, etc. are purchased via the department coordinators.

Tools to Assist PIs

  • Budget Templates: Email the CCIE Research Administration Services Team for a copy of a budget template
  • ARGIS (Academic Research & Grant Information System): Developed to facilitate research processes within UCF, ARGIS was built to assist administrators, deans, and researchers in their day-to-day research responsibilities.
  • PARIS (Personal Access to the Office of Research Information Systems): Among other things, use PARIS to view contract details and financial information for awarded contracts and grants. Information available: Scanned PDF documents associated with award (proposals, PTF, 650, budget modifications, etc.), research financials (Budget & Expenditures, Payroll, Revenue, and Budget Details), and deliverable information.

For assistance or questions and concerns, please contact Naomi Michelin or 407-823-4228.