For Teachers

Elementary teachers play a crucial role in childhood development, and have the opportunity to help generate interest in science as well. Fostering science interest through fun activities, such as a class/community garden or engineering competition, can help motivate students to learn and enhance their performance in science. There are many resources available for teachers who want to implement new projects in their class, as well as grants and other funding sources. In addition, your principal, PTA, or a community partner might want to help you. Sometimes it’s just a matter of asking.

Family Fun STEM Nights
Studies have shown that fun and informal engagement in STEM at a young age contributes to a child’s interest and further study in STEM-related fields. In addition, family involvement and encouragement plays an even larger role in fostering a child’s interest and performance in science. Family Fun STEM Nights can foster science engagement and build family interest, in an exciting and fun event at your school.

The following links can help you start a Family Fun STEM Night event:

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