Information for Current Students

Plan of Study (for MA and MEd Students)

A plan of study is established and agreed to by the student and the degree program and specifies the course degree requirements.

See Plans of Study

Comprehensive Exams (for MA and MEd Students)

A Comprehensive Examination is required for both MA students and MEd Students and serves as the culminating experience in the program. The comprehensive exam should be taken during the final semester of a student’s program, or the term immediately preceding the final term.

Comprehensive Exam Application
Comprehensive Exam Overview and Study Guide
Overview of the Masters Comprehensive Exam

Professional Portfolio (for MA students)

The Master of Arts (MA) program requires a Professional Portfolio of reflective practice through demonstration of attainment of the pre-professional level of performance for all twelve of the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices. Multiple artifacts and reflective analyses are required for each of these accomplished practices that are completed during specific courses in the MA program. All Professional Portfolio entries are critical components of learning since they are the primary means of assessing the professional development of students as knowledgeable and reflective practitioners.

If you were admitted in the fall 2009 term or any subsequent term you will need to complete the Electronic Professional Portfolio, Via™ by LiveText.

ESOL Education Program (for MA students)

All Exceptional Student Education MA students will be ESOL Endorsed when they graduate. This is accomplished through an “ESOL Infusion” model. The majority of the classes that you will take as part of your program requirements have ESOL endorsement curriculum embedded in them. You will be required to demonstrate mastery during various field experiences, and by compiling a TESOL notebook.

ESOL Endorsement Programs

Graduate Internships (for MA students)

All Exceptional Student Education MA students will be required to complete a Graduate Internship. MA students who are not currently teaching will complete an Internship experience, which includes student teaching in an ESE setting under the direction of certified ESE teachers. MA students who are currently teaching in an approved setting are eligible to apply for On-The-Job Internships. Applications are due near the beginning of the semester prior to your Internship, not including summer.

Office of Clinical and Field Experiences
Student Teaching Handbook
Graduate Internship Guidelines
Graduate Internship Syllabus


All ESE Master of Arts (MA) students must take and pass both the Professional Exam and the ESE K-12 Exam for graduation.

FTCE Professional Exam (to be taken before graduation)

Before you take the Professional, you should have taken:

  • Critical Analysis of Social, Ethical, Legal and Safety Issues Related to Education
  • EDG 6415 Principles of Instruction and Classroom Management
  • EDF 6237 Principles of Learning and Introduction to Classroom Assessment

UCF Continuing Education offers Test Preparation Classes for the FTCE Professional Exam.

FTCE ESE K-12 Exam (to be taken before graduation) Before you take the ESE K-12 Exam, you should have taken:

  • EEX 5051 Exceptional Children in the Schools
  • EEX 6295 Assessment and Curriculum Prescriptions for the Exceptional Population
  • EEX 6612 Methods of Behavior Management

Professional Development Alternatives for Exceptional Student Educators (PDA-ESE) offers Professional Development Modules that will help you prepare for the ESE K-12 Subject Area Exam.

Both of the above exams are graduation requirements. The exam below is not a graduation requirement, but is STRONGLY recommended. It is a state requirement in order to meet the Highly Qualified Teacher Requirements. You may not be able to get a job teaching in the State of Florida if you have not taken another content area exam.

FTCE Content Area - Subject Area Exam (in order to be Highly Qualified)

Before you take the Content Area Exam, you should have taken both methods courses.

Content Area includes one of the following:

  • Elementary Education K-6
  • Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum 5-9
  • Secondary Area 6-12
  • This exam is for students who are very strong in a particular content area, such as Math or Science, and would like to teach that subject.

Florida Diagnostic Learning and Resources System (FDLRS) offers professional development modules that will help you prepare for the Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum or the Elementary.

Free FTCE Workshops for the Elementary Exam are offered each semester.

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