A project to track the progress of community corrections agencies in adapting to COVID-19

COVID-19 has created extreme challenges for community corrections agencies across the United States. Our goal is to measure and track agency-level responses to prevent, contain, and respond to COVID-19. We will provide this information in a searchable database to fulfill an immediate need to agencies as they adapt during this uncertain time.

6.6 million

in U.S. correctional system


adults on community supervision


adult females on community supervision


adult black males on community supervision

4.5 million

on community supervision


adult males on community supervision


adult White individuals on community supervision

Over 75%

convicted of nonviolent offenses

How You Can Help

Community corrections agencies are a key part of the criminal justice system. By sharing how your agency is currently responding to the pandemic, you can provide information that may help other agencies adapt to the current unprecedented situation. This information will provide a foundation for developing best practices for future crisis situations. And, will provide key data to examine how changes impact system and client-
level outcomes and are sustained over time.

We are actively recruiting representatives from community corrections agencies across the United States to provide information about how they are adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic. Your participation is critical in building a resource database to help guide prevention, containment, and response strategies.

This study is funded by the National Science Foundation (2030344).