The UCF Center for Community Schools secures contract with Learning Circle, an educational technology company

The UCF Center for Community Schools currently supports 26 Community Partnership Schools across the state of Florida. As a practice-based organization, the Center endeavors to identify trends and best practices that will enhance decision-making processes and improve the quality of services and programs for the entire Community Partnership Schools network. The implementation of the new data management system will also help Community Partnership Schools make optimal decisions for their students and families at the school level, while also improving practices at a statewide level.

Learning Circle software is a collaborative online tool that provides student performance information to connect communities and classrooms. The software will allow Community Partnership Schools to view trends in attendance, behavior, and core academics (ABCs) and provide essential data-driven decision metrics. Schools and providers will also have data on student involvement in both in-school and out-of-school programs.

Learning Circle software will also allow Community Partnership Schools to identify students who need support the most, detect any academic gaps and help to ensure that at-risk students are receiving the right academic, and social and emotional support.

The University of Central Florida Center for Community Schools serves as the statewide funder and grant administrator of the Community School Grant Program; provides technical assistance to community schools; and oversees a rigorous, strengths-based certification process for schools to become UCF-Certified Community Partnership Schools.

The Community Partnership School™ model was co-founded in 2010 at Evans High School in Orlando by the Children’s Home Society of Florida, Orange County Public Schools and the University of Central Florida.