UCF Center for Community Schools' staff members are currently working remotely. However, the center remains fully operational and committed to assisting you at this time. Please refer to Who's Who for current contact information for each staff member.

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University of Central Florida’s Center for Community Schools

The UCF Center for Community Schools is an integral part and extension of the UCF College of Community Innovation and Education (CCIE) which contributes over 543,000 hours of teaching, serving and researching in agencies, clinics, communities, industry and schools aimed at improving lives through the power of education. The College of Community Innovation and Education transcends traditional boundaries to engage with the social and economic fabric of thriving modern communities. As experts in innovative and emerging education theories and practices, and backed by purpose-driven research, the UCF College of Community Innovation and Education brings together diverse programs and establishes partnerships to develop groundbreaking solutions to complex social issues that affect local, national, and global communities. As a major metropolitan research university and one of the largest universities in the U.S., harnessing the power of scale to transform lives and livelihoods is a “UCF promise.”

Working Together. Realizing Potential.
The center and partner organizations work together to help students realize their greatest potential.
About Community Schools
Community schools focus on improving student well-being and success by engaging and supporting parents and the community. All community school models share the same focus, but they vary in their approach to organizing resources. Learn more
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What makes Sabal Palm Elementary a Community Partnership School?

The UCF Center for Community Schools is dedicated to the development and sustainability of high-quality community schools. The center serves as a comprehensive resource for schools in Florida, across the nation and around the world by offering the following services.

2022-23 Grant Awards for Community School Planning

Applicants for the 2022-23 Community School Grant Program will be notified of the award decision by Friday, October 21, 2022. Learn more.

Along with $80,000 through the grant, school districts and communities receive ongoing training and technical assistance from the UCF Center for Community Schools for Community Partnership School planning, implementation and evaluation.

Community Partnership Schools™ Model

The UCF Center for Community Schools promotes the development of community partnerships that include four core partners — a school district, a university or college, a community-based nonprofit, and a healthcare provider, as well as others. This approach is named the Community Partnership Schools™ model.

The partners work together to provide a community school with a wide variety of academic support and enrichment opportunities as well as primary medical, dental and behavioral healthcare for the students, the students’ families and the surrounding community.

The center oversees a rigorous, strengths-based certification process to ensure best practices at Community Partnership Schools. Currently, there are 13 UCF-Certified Community Partnership Schools in Florida, with many others seeking certification.

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