Students in the graduate Health Services Administration program must complete an internship. The internships are designed to provide students with hands-on, mid- level-experience with a health care administration focus.

Minimum Requirements

24 credits completed in the program, which must include the following courses:

  • HSA5198: Health Care Decision Sciences and Knowledge Management
  • HSA6119: Health Care Organization and Management
  • PHC6160: Health Care Finance I
  • HSA6342: Health Care Human Resource Management
  • HSA6385: Health Care Quality Management

Steps in the Internship Process:

  1. Complete an Orientation
    Students must complete a web-based, internship “orientation” in the semester BEFORE the internship. Students must request permission to enroll in the internship orientation. [Note: In this orientation, students will receive the contact information for the various affiliates/internship sites.]
  2. Find a site/location in which to complete the internship
    Using the contact list provided in the orientation, contact organizations of interest by:

    • Sending them a resume and cover letter
    • Setting up an interview appointment
    • Interviewing with the organization
    • Securing an internship placement
  3. Enroll in the Internship Course
    Once the orientation has been completed and a site has been secured, student must contact to obtain a unique permission number, which will allow them to register for the internship course.

Requirements During the Internship:

  1. Complete the required number of “working hours” – 240 working hours
  2. Complete a “work product” with the organization
  3. Complete all of the “required forms” during the semester
  4. Complete the course portion of the internship


  • Completed the Internship Orientation [Developed resume and cover letter; obtained contact information for affiliated organizations]
  • Sent resume and cover letter to organizations for consideration
  • Completed an interview with an organization(s)
  • Secured an internship at an organization
  • Contacted Jackie Le with the completed “Permission Number Request Form” in order to register for the class
  • Registered for the Internship Class
  • Ready to start on the first day of the term

Note: The Affiliated Internship Sites are provided for your informational use only. Students will receive the official/direct contact information for each of these sites through the Internship Orientation.

For more information, call 407-823-0552.