Admissions Criteria
Students must be:

  • Between ages 18-30 (28 in the year of admission).
  • A student who cannot traditionally access postsecondary opportunities.
  • Independent in managing own medications.
  • Able to maintain a schedule, daily living necessities, personal hygiene and dorm cleanliness with limited support and no supervision.
  • Able to sit and attend a standard college course for up to 3 hours.
  • Able to adequately manage their own behaviors and reactions to stressful or challenging situations.

Students must have the following for consideration into the program:

  • A documented intellectual disability who cannot otherwise traditionally access post-secondary opportunities.
  • Must have exited K-12 with a standard diploma, special diploma, or certificate of completion.
  • No history of challenging behaviors or emotional problems in the past year involving police or other authorities (i.e., law-enforcement officials).
  • Ability to read, comprehend and follow the UCF Code of Conduct.
  • Ability to access technology (cell phone, email, laptop, etc.) for daily communication and participation within the program.
  • Personal desire to attend UCF in order to grow professionally and to secure employment after graduation.
  • The student cannot be under full guardianship or any social guardianship.

Application Dates


Application Window

Fall 2023

Oct. 7 – Dec. 9

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