Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science


Legal Studies


The Department of Legal Studies bachelor's degree program provides students with a broad understanding of basic principles of the law as well as the role and function of the legal system. In addition to preparing students for law-related careers, the program provides a solid foundation for law school. While no specific major is required for admission to law school, a degree in legal studies provides students with an unparalleled opportunity for law school preparation.

All legal studies faculty are graduates of American Bar Association-approved law schools and have practiced or currently practice law. Satisfactory completion of program requirements leads to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in legal studies. The BA requires two semesters of college-level foreign language, but the BS requires two years of high school foreign language. Both degree types are respected equally and can be completed fully online.


The following are some of the courses that you can take as part of the undergraduate degree program. For more information, please view the UCF Undergraduate Catalog.

  • PLA 3014: Law and Legal System
  • PLA 3108: Legal Research
  • PLA 3306: Criminal Law
  • PLA 4813: Juvenile Law and Procedure
  • PLA 3205: Civil Practice and Procedure
  • PLA 4843: Immigration Law and Policy
  • PLA 4554: Environmental Law
  • PLA 3871: Law and Technology: Drones and Artificial Intelligence
  • PLA 3615: Property and Real Estate Law
  • PLA 4823: Sports Law
  • PLA 4825: Entertainment Law