Undergraduate Degree in Legal Studies

Law in the Real World with a Major in Legal Studies!

The legal studies undergraduate program at UCF offers students the opportunity to investigate many questions essential to an understanding of the legal system and the role of attorneys and legal assistants. All faculty members have law degrees and have experience as practitioners. As a professional program, legal studies incorporates a liberal arts orientation in its own courses and requires that students take supporting courses from other programs.

B.A./B.S. Option

Students who have completed two years of high school qualify for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.). Students who have completed one year of foreign language in college qualify for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). Alternatively, students pursuing the B.A. can demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language equivalent to one year in college through the University Testing Center.

Click here if you began prior to summer 2018.

(for students admitted summer 2018 & forward)
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The curriculum below is for students who have declared Legal Studies summer 2018 & forward.

Legal Studies Major - Core Courses

This course is the first step in preparing for your major


(The following courses must be completed in this order)





Now it’s time to broaden your understanding of the law with electives! (Electives are divided into concentrations.)

Law and Policy


Law and Business

Law and Technology

Family Matters


The official program of study for the bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies is available in the UCF Undergraduate Catalog.

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