Undergraduate Program

B.A/B.S. in Legal Studies

The Legal Studies program provides students with a broad understanding of basic principles of the law as well as the role and function of the legal system. In addition to preparing students for law-related careers, the program provides a solid foundation for law school. While no specific major is required for admission to law school, a degree in legal studies provides students with an unparalleled opportunity for law school preparation. All legal studies faculty are graduates of ABA-approved law schools, and practiced or have practiced law. Students are encouraged to work closely with their program advisor in planning their degree completion and career goals. Satisfactory completion of the program requirements leads to the degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Legal Studies. The difference between the two is that the B.A. requires two semesters of college-level foreign language, whereas the B.S. requires two years of high school foreign language. Both degree types are respected equally and can be completed fully online.

Minor in Legal Studies

The Legal Studies minor is well suited for students seeking to understand the universal role of law in society. This minor is available for all undergraduate students. Students will find this knowledge in nearly every aspect of their professional careers.

Undergraduate Certificates

Conflict Resolution

Are you pursuing a career that involves people? If you said "yes!" then this certificate is for you.

Getting a certificate in conflict resolution and analysis will give you the tools required to understand what causes conflict and how to respond.

This certificate is especially important if you are considering a career in law, government, human resources, law enforcement, education, social work, corrections or any other people-facing career.

Individual Liberties

In partnership with the Department of Political Science, the Individual Liberties Certificate provides students with an understanding of the substantive and procedural aspects of criminal law. Students are also given in-depth knowledge of individual liberties and rights as they relate to citizen-government relations. This certificate is appropriate for any student planning to attend law school or seek employment in a law office, the public sector or a  criminal justice agency.

*This certificate is available only for students with a 2019-2020 catalog year (i.e. admitted Summer 2019 and after).

Litigation and Advocacy

In partnership with the Nicholson School of Communication and Media, the Litigation and Advocacy Certificate provides students with a practical, working understanding of legal advocacy as well as public speaking skills that are equally relevant in the courtroom and workplace. Students will be better versed in critical thinking argumentation and the relationships between legal and social advocacy. The knowledge and skills they will develop in gathering evidence, developing arguments and understanding diverse populations will help them become better prepared as communication professionals or potential law students.

*This certificate is available only for students with a 2018-2019 catalog year (i.e. admitted Summer 2018 and after).

The Undergraduate Certificate in Litigation and Advocacy may be completed fully online, although not all elective options or program prerequisites may be offered online. Newly admitted students choosing to complete this program exclusively via UCF Online classes may enroll with a reduction in campus-based fees.

Spanish for the Legal World

This certificate is offered through the College of Arts and Humanities, in partnership with the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. The Spanish for the Legal World Certificate prepares students to not only expand their knowledge across the different areas of Spanish, but also bridge this language with key concepts of the legal world, thus facilitating an easy transition to the workforce upon completion of this certificate.

Urban Real Estate and Development

This certificate is a joint partnership between the Department of Legal Studies, the College of Business and the School of Public Administration. Students will receive an interdisciplinary focus on real estate, development and law in an urban setting. This certificate will enhance your ability to understand the law, finance and societal aspirations in urban development. Students interested in business, law, real estate, banking, government or working in  private firms should consider applying.

*This certificate is available only for students with a 2019-2020 catalog year (i.e. admitted Summer 2019 and after).

3+3 Accelerated Law Programs

The University of Central Florida has established 3+3 Accelerated Law Programs with:

  • Touro College Law Center (Central Islip, NY)
  • Barry University School of Law (Orlando, FL)
  • Florida State University College of Law (Tallahassee, FL)

The 3+3 program is tailored to first time in college students due to the course load and schedule. This program is not for students with an AA or for transfer students or students with college credit hours already completed.


Graduate Certificate

Conflict Resolution & Analysis

Conflict is rampant in society, ranging from personal and workplace conflicts to global conflicts. Students who earn a graduate certificate in Conflict Resolution & Analysis will have a deeper understanding of the origins and root causes of conflicts. Students will also learn strategies for resolving interpersonal and community conflicts.

This certificate will benefit the following professions: counseling, the legal field, education, social work, human resources, law enforcement, business and government.


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