My name is Lee E. Ross, Professor of Criminal Justice in the Department of Criminal Justice since 2003. As a graduate of Rutgers University, my research interests span a variety of areas, from my seminal work on religion and social control theory to more recent publications in the areas of critical race theory and criminal legal systems responses to domestic violence. Prior to completing my doctorate, I spent several years as an officer with the United States Customs Service (as part of the Treasury Department). As a former Provost Fellow, I have been the recipient of various awards, including a UCF Teaching Academy Fellow, a COHPA Research Fellow, and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Mentor of the Year (2011). Within the Criminal Justice Department, I have served in various capacities, including graduate coordinator for Criminal Justice and Coordinator of our masters program and doctoral program in Public Affairs. I teach courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level, many of which are offered online, including Cultural Diversity and the Criminal Justice System and Domestic Violence and Systems Responses. I also teach these same courses in a face-to-face format, alongside graduate courses in Criminal Justice Administration, Research Methods in Criminal Justice, and Race, Crime, and Justice, among others.

Areas of Expertise
  • Domestic Violence Research
  • Race, Crime, and Justice
  • Intimate Partner Homicide

(1981) B.A., Niagara University
(1983) M.A, Rutgers University
(1991) Ph.D. Rutgers University


As the author of Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice (2018), my scholarship can be found in a variety of academic journals, including Justice Quarterly, Journal of Criminal Justice, Journal of Crime and Justice, and the Journal of Criminal Justice Education. Some of my more recent publications examine the effects of mandatory arrest policies and the dynamics of domesticviolence among African-Americans. As the immediate past president of the Black Faculty and Staff Association, I am also the author of Music Lyrics and Domestic Violence: The Soundtracks of Our Lives

Research Interests
  • Intimate Partner Violence Among African-Americans
  • Race, Crime, and Justice
  • Domestic and family Violence
  • Religion and Restorative Justice


  • 2021 - Guest Editor of Special Issue ‚ÄúReligion and Crime." Available at
    2020 - Becky Tatum Academic Excellence Award, Presented by the Women & Minorities Section of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, San Antonio, TX
  • 2019 - University Travel Award to present research findings at the European Society of Criminology in Ghent, Belgium.
  • 2017 - Faculty Member of the Game (UCF v. USF), Academic Services for Student-Athletes, University of Central Florida
  • 2016 - University Travel Award to present research findings at the European Society of Criminology in Porto, Portugal.
  • 2016 - Research Sabbatical, College of Health & Public Affairs University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida 32816-1600
  • 2012 - Faculty Recognition Award, College Reach-Out Program (CROP), University of Central Florida
  • 2012 - Faculty Certificate of Appreciation, Leadership and Mentoring Program University of Central Florida
  • 2011 - UCF Teaching Fellow, UCF Teaching Academy
  • 2011 - Outstanding Mentor Award, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Toronto, Canada (Annual Meeting)
  • 2011 - COHPA Research Fellow, University of Central Florida, Department of Criminal Justice
  • 2010 - Faculty Recognition Award Student Disability Services (SDES), University of Central Florida Orlando
  • 2009 - Outstanding Faculty Award, Black Female Development Circle, Inc., University of Central Florida.
  • 2005 - Provost Fellow Internship, Department of Criminal Justice & Legal Studies, University of Central Florida


  • Honors Research Methods (4907H)
  • Crime in America (CCJ3014)
  • Criminal Justice Systems (CCJ3024)
  • Cultural Diversity and the Criminal Justice System (CCJ4129)
  • Domestic Violence and Systems Responses (CCJ4681)
  • Criminal Justice Administration (CCJ5456)
  • Criminal Justice Research Methods (CCJ6704)
  • Race, Crime, and Justice (CCJ6669)
  • Emergent Issues: Intimate Partner Homicide (CCJ4934)