The Department of Legal Studies was honored to receive police officers from six Mexican states April 17. The visit was a result of collaboration between their federal government and courtesy of the U.S. State Department. The purpose of their visit was to discuss the Blue Ribbon Panel assessing the strengths and challenges of the Sanford Police Department, which Cynthia Schmidt, J.D. (bottom row, last on right), facilitated in advance of George Zimmerman's trial. The group also discussed Trayvon Martin, #BlackLivesMatter and the Stand Your Ground law. Schmidt is the founding director of the Center for Law and Policy. Interim Dean Jose Fernandez (top row, second from left) extended greetings from UCF, and Associate Dean Ross Wolf, top row, third from left, spoke about policing issues. The Department of Legal Studies Shawn Richichi, top row, last on the right, helped coordinate the event.