Although physically located on UCF’s main campus, the CCRC seeks to reach children, adults, and families all over Central Florida to promote mental health and wellness. Through community outreach and engagement, our goal is to increase the visibility of the CCRC in the community and provide support and services to underserved communities in the region. The value that we place on collaboration and partnerships is evident in existing projects that bring much-needed services to the community and raise mental health awareness as well.

Current Partnerships

Counseling Services for Children and Families in Seminole County

The school-based mental health counseling program provides effective therapeutic services to students and their families within their own community (elementary schools), promoting their academic and personal-social development. The program is a major regional initiative that addresses the community challenge of accessible mental health services for children and families living in high poverty communities. The services provided through this partnership mirror those offered on campus at the CCRC. Counselors-in-training under direct faculty supervision provide developmentally appropriate counseling services to elementary school-aged children and their families during the fall and spring semesters. Through these services, clients are able grow and heal from a number of personal challenges such as grief and loss, behavioral concerns, anxiety, and changes in the family system. Services are offered at no cost to clients and their families.

Project 375

Project 375 is the foundation establish by UCF alums Brandon and Michi Marshall. The goal of this partnership is to promote awareness of mental health, end stigma around mental, and increase access to mental health treatment. A focus of the Project 375 is on youth mental health first aid training, which introduces individuals to the unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems in youth.

Behavior Indicator Training (BIT)

The BIT project provides mental health literacy to educators, including teachers, administrators, and support staff within Seminole county Public Schools. The goal of the BIT project is to promote educators’ knowledge and efficacy relating to common mental health disorders experienced by their students. Earlier intervention for these students may contribute to improved peer-to-peer relations, overall mental health functioning, and safer schools for all students.

Future Plans

As one of several centers in the College of Community Innovation and Education – the anchor college for UCF Downtown - the CCRC aims to establish genuine collaboration and partnerships with residents, schools, and organizations in the community surrounding the downtown campus. The values of human dignity and diversity as well as advocacy for social justice and equality will guide our engagement to ensure that our efforts align with the identified outcomes that are important to the community, namely employment, health, education, safety, affordable housing.

Additionally, the CCRC would like to bring awareness of mental health and wellness to various populations within the Central Florida community, including individuals and communities that are Spanish-speaking, children and families living with critical and illnesses, and individuals and families with unique abilities.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact Dr. J. Richelle Joe.