Dual Degree Program

The Public Administration MPA + Criminal Justice MS Dual Degree program provides the opportunity for students to earn graduate degrees from two academic programs, the Master of Science in Criminal Justice and the Master of Public Administration, concurrently. The program emphasizes criminal justice and public administration research, theory, policy and organizational administration to prepare future public service organizational leaders in public, nonprofit, social service, and private organizations. After completion of the MPA/MS dual degree program, students will receive two diplomas, one for the Criminal Justice MS and one for the Public Administration MPA.


Criminal Justice Graduate Advising Office
407-823-2603 or elexis.ritz@ucf.edu
Department of Criminal Justice

Public Administration Graduate Advising Office
407-823- 2604 or edlira.dursun@ucf.edu
School of Public Administration

The dual degree track consists of 51 credit hours. Each student completes a core of 11 courses (33 credit hours), two research methods and statistics courses (6 credit hours), two electives (6 credit hours), and a capstone experience of two courses (6 credit hours).

Minimum Hours Required for MSCJ/MPA-51 Credit Hours

Core Requirements – 33 Credit Hours

  • CCJ 5015 The Nature of Crime (3 credits)
  • CCJ 5456 The Administration of Justice (3 credits)
  • CCJ 6106 Policy Analysis in Criminal Justice (3 credits)
  • CCJ 6118 Criminal Justice Organizations (3 credits)
  • PAD 6035 Public Administration in the Policy Process (3 credits)
  • PAD 6037 Public Organization Management (3 credits)
  • PAD 6053 Public Administrators in the Governance Process (3 credits)
  • PAD 6207 Public Financial Management (3 credits)
  • PAD 6227 Public Budgeting (3 credits)
  • PAD 6335 Strategic Planning and Management (3 credits)
  • PAD 6417 Human Resource Management (3 credits)

Research Methods/Statistics Core Requirements – 6 Credit Hours (1 CCJ and 1 PAD; select one option)

  • CCJ 6704 Research Methods in Criminal Justice AND
    PAD 6701 Analytic Techniques for Public Administration
  • PAD 6700 Research Methods in Public Administration AND
    CCJ 6706 Data Analysis I in Criminal Justice

Capstone Core Requirements – 6 Credit Hours

  • CJE 6718 Proseminar in Criminal Justice (3 credits)
  • PAD 6062 Advanced Concepts and Applications in Public Administration (3 credits)

*Students must earn at least a B grade in all CCJ/CJE core requirements and at least a B- grade in PAD core requirements.

Electives (pick two courses) – 6 Credit Hours

  • CJC 5020 Foundations of Corrections (3 credits)
  • CJL 6568 Law and Social Control (3 credits)
  • CJE 5021 Foundations of Law Enforcement (3 credits)
  • CJL 6520 American Criminal Courts (3 credits)
  • CJJ 6020 The Juvenile Justice System (3 credits)
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