The Center for Social and Civic Prosperity (CSCP) is a research center that strives to bring about positive change in local and global communities. We integrate research and community partnership approaches to foster better trust between the university and the community and, ultimately, help improve the socio-economic health and well-being of residents in Central Florida.

Our Work

The UCF College of Community Innovation and Education founded the center in 2024 after gathering input on community needs from various stakeholders throughout Central Florida. The initial phase of CSCP aims to create the social and institutional infrastructure that forms the basis of center operations. This involves establishing cooperation norms and pathways that empower both community and university stakeholders to drive the center’s work. Additionally, we will develop research networks that address data gaps on community well-being, which are essential for creating public policies and programs that enhance quality of life.

Vision and Mission


Through CSCP’s work with communities in Central Florida and beyond, the College of Community Innovation and Education will be trusted by governments, nonprofit organizations, and businesses as a primary source of high-quality research, data, and training. Communities in which CSCP is engaged will identify societal and civic challenges and pursue opportunities for resiliency through incremental changes in policy and practice, collaboratively shaping long-term outcomes.


The mission of the center is to achieve measurable impact in communities locally and globally through interdisciplinary and civically intelligent research, partnership, outreach, and training that centers the voice of each community in a culturally competent manner.


Our governance design is unique in higher education as it is co-created and co-governed by UCF and community stakeholders. The center is led by two co-chairs, one representing the university and the other representing the community. Working together, they are responsible for ensuring the center meets its objectives and aligns the work with the interests of a diverse range of stakeholders and community organizations.

Thomas Bryer, Ph.D.
Professor of Public Administration
UCF College of Community Innovation and Education

Sandi Vidal
President of Strategies and Initiatives
Central Florida Foundation

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